As things hit the fan and cards come tumbling down.

Found a new interesting perspective on the unfolding mess. Click on the picture to watch the video.



UpDate, Trojan Horse


..The Ron Wyatt group just posted an update with more information. Click on the picture below to watch the full video.

(Click here to read part one)


Find Me, Patterns in Life

Find Me, Margaret Becker

Got home today from work. Sitting back, I started listening to music while I unwind from the day. Skipped many different songs on my Spotify list until I finally came to rest on a selection of older Christian songs that were once so central to our lives. Margaret Becker, Jars of Clay, Brandon Heath, Carolyn Arends, Newsboys, and others. Continue reading

A Cold “Nuclear” Morning.

A Better Morning

This morning it was negative 3 degrees, now that its midday and has warmed up to 33, things feel a lot better. I know, however, that’s still far warmer than much of the United States today.

As some of you can tell it’s been a while since I have put out a blog post. But this month has been a tiring month, with moving, ice and snow. I mostly find myself wanting to engage in doing “nothing” at the end of the day.

Had a long talk this morning with a friend from the east coast. Talked over many old issues with my former employer. Current trends in Christianity and the prophetic as well as some dreams the Lord gave both of us. Lots of patterns, things to ponder. Continue reading

Lisa Haven News

I wanted to share with you today some big news that is only the tip of the Iceberg. This is major news that will effect millions of people. Instead of writing a report on this issue (as well as other confirmed report surfacing NOW) I though it would be good to just let you listen to what is being said.


Click on the picture below to open up in You Tube.

Life & Death


Taking a little departure from my “Waiting for the Sonrise” series, to put forth a few things that I was thinking about as I drove to the grocery store today.

We all know that Life and death are powerful forces of the earth. And that death must continue to the end until Jesus brings a close to it once and for all.

No matter how badly people or things destroy the earth, life always comes back. It always persists, always endures. Even in the worst places on earth, eventually, life slowly returns. Even on this diet my wife and I are a part of, once you remove the bad and feed yourself the right stuff. Your body starts to correct itself. Continue reading

Paper Tigers


Paper Tiger is defined as “one that is outwardly powerful or dangerous, but inwardly weak or ineffectual.”

Blog warning: I am going to get blunt! If you don’t like blunt, then don’t read this. Yes!, this is a rant.

In my last thirty, some odd years of Christianity one of my biggest pet peeves that have always motivated me were Status Quo. I first ran into it in the very first church I was in. After six months of a traditional Baptist church, I was more than ready to move on. Far as I could tell I had made a wrong turn and this church thing was a walking joke, social club of words and good intent. Continue reading