Life & Death


Taking a little departure from my “Waiting for the Sonrise” series, to put forth a few things that I was thinking about as I drove to the grocery store today.

We all know that Life and death are powerful forces of the earth. And that death must continue to the end until Jesus brings a close to it once and for all.

No matter how badly people or things destroy the earth, life always comes back. It always persists, always endures. Even in the worst places on earth, eventually, life slowly returns. Even on this diet my wife and I are a part of, once you remove the bad and feed yourself the right stuff. Your body starts to correct itself.

Eating incorrectly is almost a “form” of death, stored up to bring an early end to the gift of life.

Death always seeks to bring an end, but even after the Holocaust, the war, hurricane or disease. The river of life always finds a way around it all to sprout up and bring glory in the morning.

Many times in my life the Lord has up and surprised me by healing something I no longer ask for. I have seen him remove things I did not know even needed to be moved to bring freedom that I did not know I was lacking.

As an example, one time after receiving some disturbing news about an event long ago in my life. I asked for some sort of confirmation from the Lord. Then to my surprise, days later I found myself in the past (the 1980’s) listening to a conversation that took part in a secret that I did not know about. It totally answered my questions and brought freedom from the past that I did not know I needed.

I still to this day don’t know if it was a vision or I was literally there in the 80’s. Regardless, this bit of hidden information that was to be a “secret” has like all of God’s handiwork brought forth unfolding freedom in my life.

Basically, death always seeks to cloud life with a shadow, reducing our contact with our true source of life and the things He has made for us. That shadow takes many forms, including lies and human wisdom often masquerading as divine.

For many years I accepted the teaching of a ministry, I was once connected to. One of the teaching of the leadership concerning the evil in the world. Was there policy of not directly speaking out or confronting the darker issues of the world or even within its own congregation. If a leader was confronted face to face about their issues, the cookie cutter response was either “don’t be religious or you must have a religious spirit.”

This is just the evidence of a weak personal constitution seeking to hide its cowardice behind sheepskin.

I have often heard them preach that “We just need to focus on Christ, His Glory, and purposes.” Yes, that sounds like good Godly wisdom and to one degree or another you can back up what is being said with some scripture. But the reality of what that turned into was the culture of self-centered spiritual tunnel vision of “going higher” in the spirit. All the while not dealing with the issues of sin and destructive behaviors.

In the end, going higher was an illusion, as people were held down with the anchors of death. Instead of dealing with the growing culture of promiscuity within the K-12 school or the Bible school. They focused on the evils of the political realm. The political, was something distant, a distraction that most can not directly touch. Thereby allowing the blindness of personal sin to grow and in time become “justified.”

Did Jesus just preach “go higher” and ignored personal issues? No, he did not, in fact, He preached a lot about evil. Clearly displaying what would happen if it was not taken care of. Later in the Book of Acts, the church got an even clearer picture as the Holy Spirit took the lives of two people, killing them before the whole church for the hidden evil.

Basically, sin should not be tolerated, evil should be confronted and called out as such. Doing so will allow life to flourish, blossom and regrow in the garden He planted within our souls.

Jesus made it very clear we are to judge a tree by the fruit it produces. The kind of fruit this ministries teaching created by failing to confront the growing disease has now become a mess around the necks of literary hundreds of people.
For the illusion given was like a scripture taken out of context from the whole message. Jesus promoted Heaven with stories about heaven. Exposing the evil while providing a door to escape from it. And the people ran to him in droves because his words brought forth life.

We live in a time and a place in which so few are exposing the growing darkness. Those that are speaking up are facing the disdain and sneer of the standing church. As a result, a darkness of end times proportions is now piling up, ready to crush the life out of a sleeping church.

But the life planted within you when you came to Christ is great, powerful and abundant. Trust the process and the road He has for you. It is designed, regardless of your understanding of the process to crush death and bring life so that you may bring it to others. During these late days, if he wants to take you, uproot you and move you far away. Then go, and follow the shepherd.

I say that simply because, an Abraham like journey is one of the main ways I have seen (more than I can count) that the Lord has used to break his people free.

The evidence of life is that something is growing, changing. The evidence of Death is stagnation and reduction.

What are you?


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