By, Robert A. Foster

By, Robert A. Foster

Abdication and the Human Enhancement Revolution.

By Robert A. Foster

Is the act of walking away from one’s responsibilities that were put under their care. This is when a monarch, such as a King or Queen gives up or relinquished his or her office and power.

Sometimes an elderly person in authority will step aside so that a younger person like a prince may become King. But if that person is not ready or there is no replacement, chaos is often the result. Resulting in a power vacuum where everything now suffers.

Much of the earth now suffers because the rightful God-given authority over it has been abdicated. It has been replaced with systems that look good, but are just as dangerous to it as any poison.

Genesis – The Beginning.

To understand what has happened, we need to look at what was given. Continue reading

WinGate Update, April 2, 2015

Hello everyone,

In an effort to not have flat characters in my first book. I have spent a lot of time thinking over as many aspects of who each person is. In many cases I have a “back story” floating around in my mind. One such person is Megan Verity Becker, a former captain in the US Army, veteran of Iraq, single mother with a young son Johnny. Megan came from a military family that was, shall we say. Had a “form of life” but was devoid of the true reality of it.

Being interested in Archeology at an early age. And inspired by what she saw overseas, Megan pursued her new carrier. Enjoying the solitude that came with it. It became her escape from confronting the parts of her family life she would prefer never to see again.

To build Megan’s character, I have drawn on the music artist Plumb, AKA Tiffany Arbuckle Lee. And her latest album, Need You Now. The strong emotional outpouring in many of her songs became the emotional pattern I used to build Megan Becker.

I have included a video for her title song, Need You Now for you to get an idea of the emotion Megan carries within her.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGIumjD6I3M  (cut & paste this URL if it does not open.)

Please consider passing along this update to as many people as possible. This project will come to pass with the help of people like you.