Alternative to You Tube Censorship.

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A quick post here. has been up for about two months now. And is offering a real, uncensored alternative to the growing censorship of You Tube. Watch the video and check it out.


The Planter’s Feet

The warmth of the soil on a planters feet.
Between the toes, a perfect fit for my feet.

Hidden under the layers protected from the summer sun
For if they were above, I would need to run.

“From the soil, you have been made.
Spirit, soil, and water, a perfect fit for my hands to make.
A perfect fit, to tend that which you have been made from.”

Look! Up from the seed it comes, I guard it from things that crawl, bite and fly.
Some is for us, some is for beasts of the barn.
Some is put away to bless the seasons beyond.

“From the soil, I have made you.
With my Spirit, soil, and water, I design you for greater days.
Unseen are the things the crawl, bite and fly.
Some of you attend to me, some attend the barn
And some I hide away for those not yet born.”

The Homesteading Network

The Homesteading Network, coming soon.

KHomesteadingGardenathy and I follow several Christian Homesteaders on Youtube and have done so for some time. A network around the country has been growing ever so slowly. It has now grown to the point that they are taking the next step in this growing society. Very shortly, as all the parts are getting worked out, they are going to launch, “The Homesteading Network.” It is happening on Sundays, with live feed on Youtube. Several channels will start banning together to provide quality viewing content. The hope is to cover all US time zones across America with quality content on a variety of issues. Continue reading

Pinterest, a Homesteading resource.

LogoI once told a young man, that I use Pinterest for information research. His face made a funny look as he responded back at me.

“Pinterest, that for women,” he remarked back.

Within a few minutes of talking, I changed his mind as I pulled out my IPad and showed him some of the many things I use it for.

The fact is this social media is an under used resource for many people including Homesteaders like us. Continue reading

Preparing for What is Ahead

Thompsons falls

Preparing for What is Ahead
Part 2 in a 3-part series on Preparedness
By Robert Foster

Is Comfort Evil?

Comfort is no more “evil” than a hammer or a bullet. It is what we allow it to become over time that matters. Comfort is what we all need at some level. Comfort and true rest come from loving relationships as well as the presence of the Lord. However, if comfort starts slipping into a desire for and love of possessions, then we start departing from the well of true life and start drinking from sources that leave us lacking. Continue reading

Preparation: What am I to do?



By Robert Foster

Should a Christian store up food and supplies in preparation for the days ahead, or should we simply trust the Lord and not do anything for the welfare of our household?

Over the years, I’ve heard a variety of people offer their advice on this subject.

Many seem to have the idea that to store away any supplies shows a profound lack of faith and possibly some hidden sin causing you not to place your trust in the Lord.

While others take an opposite, extreme approach and build secret bunkers for the “end of the world,” while treating other people like the crazy uncle who never understands anything. Continue reading