A Generation to Come

A Generation to Come.


I often monitor many different flows of information, both spiritual information within the church and information happening in the world that few others take the time to look closely at. It’s just the way things have developed in my life.
This last year, what I have seen has been hard, very hard. Looking closely at the church as we know it today Continue reading

Waiting for the Sonrise, Part 3


Welcome to the continuation of “Waiting for the Sonrise” In part one I gave a general overview of various subjects as an introduction. In part two I took the subject of food and health and expanded it. In reality, none of these subject expansions, including this one about History could possibly do justice to the subject.

Case in point, to properly address the subject of history would result in a major overhaul of our history books. As a small example, a few weeks ago a friend of mine and myself took out a large sheet of butcher-like paper. And wrote the word “Antarctica” on it. Creating a simple graph of everything we know that connects to it, from what is not being said in the history books soon filled the paper. And we only wrote down the topic headings!! WOW. Continue reading