Psalm 11:3 “When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

Has any else noticed what going on?

In Captian America, Winter Soldier. He stands up against a hidden government (Hydra) within the government. Basically, he does the right thing even though it is not viewed well by the statist quo.

Then in Civil War. The well-intentioned Captain-America-Civil-War-2-Trailer-I-Could-Do-This-All-Daygovernment tries to put everyone on a list. Cap, who was born in 1920 I’m sure is seeing shades of Nazi Germany Continue reading

The Homesteading Network

The Homesteading Network, coming soon.

KHomesteadingGardenathy and I follow several Christian Homesteaders on Youtube and have done so for some time. A network around the country has been growing ever so slowly. It has now grown to the point that they are taking the next step in this growing society. Very shortly, as all the parts are getting worked out, they are going to launch, “The Homesteading Network.” It is happening on Sundays, with live feed on Youtube. Several channels will start banning together to provide quality viewing content. The hope is to cover all US time zones across America with quality content on a variety of issues. Continue reading

Reality Check


One of the “modern pioneers” of the present day homesteading movement was Carla Emery, who during the Jesus People days wrote a book called “The Encyclopedia of Country Living.” first published in 1969. We have a copy.

Carla has long since passed away, but during her day, her pioneering work faced seriously strong opposition over the decades. Including in the 1980’s when Kathy and I got married and started living this way. In reality, it was a good way to be quickly seen as “odd” and get uninvited from church social events.

But things are changing, there is a new wind blowing. And I will talk more about that at a later date.

Here is a reality check video, for everyone looking to move into the world of homesteading. It’s a video from Esther Emery, Carla youngest daughter. Who is living with her husband Nick in the mountains of Idaho, Enjoy.