Seize the Day


  {This is a dream I heard about thirty years ago, that I was told at that time it was attributed to the great missionary Hudson Taylor. Hudson was highly concerned about bringing the Word of God to the people of China. In his dream: Hudson found himself standing on a wooden board in the middle of a great ocean. Scared to turn or step away, the Lord told him to take a step forward. As he did so in obedience a board appeared before his foot. Continuing the motion forward, he soon found boards disappearing behind him as new boards appearing right before he needed them.

  Out of this dream, Hudson realized the Lord would provide his needs, only right before he needed it. -a good lesson to learn here.}

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The settling cold of winters approach,
turns the chapter of yet another season. 

With little bits of drifting white, 
Along the Wyoming road. 

The color of the land has been kidnaped away, 
flake by flake like a school kids eraser.

Bite of cold awakens the morning face,
As the ears and nose quickly chill.

Scrape the ice, bust it free so that you can see.
Stomp the snow from the shoes, to keep it all clean.

Gee, another day of snowy white under the deep blue sky.
What a contrast of colors, what a contrast of temperatures.

Gray and muted are but few.

And then the heat returns like a old friend for a day, maybe three.
And the brown fall colors of the fall prairie fields return for all to see.

Lisa Haven News

I wanted to share with you today some big news that is only the tip of the Iceberg. This is major news that will effect millions of people. Instead of writing a report on this issue (as well as other confirmed report surfacing NOW) I though it would be good to just let you listen to what is being said.


Click on the picture below to open up in You Tube.

Waiting for the Sonrise, Part 3


Welcome to the continuation of “Waiting for the Sonrise” In part one I gave a general overview of various subjects as an introduction. In part two I took the subject of food and health and expanded it. In reality, none of these subject expansions, including this one about History could possibly do justice to the subject.

Case in point, to properly address the subject of history would result in a major overhaul of our history books. As a small example, a few weeks ago a friend of mine and myself took out a large sheet of butcher-like paper. And wrote the word “Antarctica” on it. Creating a simple graph of everything we know that connects to it, from what is not being said in the history books soon filled the paper. And we only wrote down the topic headings!! WOW. Continue reading