Things and Aggravations

 Somebody at some point said something to the effect of, “the path between to points is rarely straight.” That bit of wisdom is something I have seen way too often. My best guess of why that is connected to, “The mind of a person plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9 NASB.

 We may see things in a simple one, two, or three-step process. But well, when you are following the Lord he often has a way of adding things for you to learn.

 Amongst the detours, dead ends, and unexpected on and off-ramps my road to publishing has defiantly seen its share of sunset and sunrises. 

A little back history

 Starting several years ago I self publish a couple of books. The education curve was steep as I soon learned many harsh things including the “reality” of the big corporate giants and how little they help small-time authors. The fact is that the door may look open, but in reality, you have entered the twilight zone where nothing is quite what you have been told. 

 This meant there was a serious need to go the harder road and create my own platform to control the elements that places like Amazon would like you to surrender to them.

 This pushed the sequels to the story I was writing for into the future. And defiantly caused a problem or two with some fans, but I was tired of giving my work away for free.

 So in the last few years, I have doubled down on just creating rough drafts and the 160K words I had written years ago are now over a million. I have also followed the Lord’s direction and started acquiring authors to work with. They, like me, are simply working on the “promise of someday.”


 With an apparent green light to move forward and create my own book publishing company while doing other life things that need to get done, I have now experienced the latest set of additional steps between what I would have assumed would be simple.

 I assumed it was simple because in another state I created a small business untreated to publishing. In that state it was two hours in a class with other people, we all got to ask many questions and the instructor was very helpful.

 In Idaho however, it is completely another story and it goes like this.

  1. Idaho has an online business “wizard.” It asks questions and at the end, you discover because your business does not fit within the computer program they direct you to a phone number to call.
  2. Call the number, punch the numbers, and get directed to an address where you are directed to go to and ask and get the answers you need.
  3. Did a screenshot of the website. Did an hour drive and get lost for a time in Coeur d’Alene trying to find an address on Ironwood. Finally, I find it, walk in to get told that they had moved out of the building years ago. (Somebody needs to update their website)
  4. Looked at my screenshot and decided to try the second address. Bingo…found it.
  5. Walked into a very small cubical to see a woman behind one of the thickest bullet-resistant glass I have ever seen. Seriously, paranoia was thick in this place.
  6. Asked my question, told my story. Perplexed she wandered off to ask some else my question. Finally, she comes back to hand me a pointless pamphlet and I get told…” I’m sorry we can not advise you as to what type of license you will need for liability reasons. All we can do is refer you to the website for more information…” Arrgh. Three hours of the day lost.

 So at this point, I found some online business help through a group of businessmen in North Idaho. Filled out the request form and now I sit and wait…for a response.

 On the other side the first book we will be publishing, My Father’s House is done being edited and formatted. 

 So, I wait for the next step. FYI, if any of you have experience dealing with these issues in Idaho drop me a line…

 Until then, here is a link to a blog post for you to enjoy from an old friend who is on the road to becoming an author himself called, “Every Thought.” Click here

All things learned

It seems a long time ago the social image of a man that many looked up to was very positive. As they got older, built what every they were called to build. Men gradually took on more of the role of mentor to the world. Many pictures, paintings, and old movies portrayed men with a well-stocked library to be admired as he continued to add to his life with more knowledge and skills.

  Then a social shift slowly took place, eventually men’s values became less honorable like mist over water. Libraries gave way to “man-caves” to hide in, and as the slide continued we now have gaming rooms, overweight boys in their mid-thirties. Anger and self-center thinking has replaced honor and integrity. As the drive to accomplish the things that build this world has been neutered and we now flounder at the feet of uncertain times.

  Skills are a good thing. And with all the restlessness that now encircles about our feet, the more you can do yourself without paying another person is a good thing. 

  Years ago my wife and I not only owned a farm, but we also grew up in that atmosphere. For the last ten years, we have been “homeless” living in several states, and I can tell you that apartment living is not living. It’s just ‘getting by’ and going through a routine of endless, hopeless cycles as you grow older.

  But with the many changes that are now bubbling up in the world, it is obvious that it’s time to dust off our old skills for not only ourselves but for others.

  For ten years my wife has slowly, deeply wanted to get back to campfire cooking. The following is a collection of our first jump “back into the saddle” This is kind of a hillbilly beef stew cooked in the backyard.

Here is the basic recipe.

  1. Make a fire and let it burn for a while until you have a fair amount of hot embers. 
  2. Braze your stew meat in bacon fat in the pot (ours is a dutch oven) and then add Garlic, Salt & Pepper with a little water. Cook a little longer and more water Carrots, Onions, Mushrooms, Celery, and anything else you like to eat.
  3. Sitting over your fire, stir it from time to time. When you discover the largest chunks of carrots are done, check the meat. At some point before the rain comes along as it did with us pull it off the fire, into the house, and serve it in bowls. Simple right!

Under His Wings

One of the interesting things about living with the Holy Spirit is learning to pay attention to His impressions. Today was our final day in Wyoming. After a couple of days of trailer issues from Uhaul giving us a trailer that was not ready for the road and then getting it fixed on their dime. With it going to be another 90-degree day in Wyoming, we finally hit the road for Idaho.

 Just after the crest of the first hill outside of Casper, I started to remember a blog post I did back in January called “Hard Sky.” In this blog I talked about the weather was most likely going to start doing odd things because evil was now running our government.  {click on picture below if you want to read it}

 I thought about it for maybe a whole two minutes as my mind shifted to other issues like when will my coffee cool off enough to drink. Or why did we see a black bear out on the plains running across the road that we almost hit.

 Then at some point west of Billings, I was thinking about our typical stay at a hotel in Livingston when I suddenly realized I was no longer comfortable with the idea of pulling into this hotel’s parking lot. As I pondered it over I spoke to my wife Kathy about it.

 “Ah… how do you feel if we don’t stop in Livingstone for the night?” I asked.

  “Ah…ok?” Kathy replied looking slightly puzzled.

  “Well, the more and more I think about it, I just am not comfortable with the idea,” I added.

  “So we should just keep going, I mean I’m fine with it if you are?” Kathy answered back.

  Looking over the expression on her face I then decided to add, “Well, just how far do you want to go today?”

  “I… guess we could go to Butte, what do you think?” Kathy asked.

 Giving it a moment I slowly started to play the name of one town after another along I-90 as I realized I was not comfortable with any of them until my mind landed on St. Regis. “Ah…well this is kinda crazy but what if we drove all the way to St. Regis?”

 Kathy kinda gave me a look and said, “I think we should just spend the night in Butte and not drive that far.”

 “Ok,” I responded not very comfortable but willing to go along with it.

 After several more miles of driving, we soon passed Livingston and dropped down into the Bozeman valley. Needing the rest area we stopped at an area we have been to many times. Walking in the building some slightly distorted news voice was almost blaring over the speaker making me slightly irritated at the noise.

 But…standing in the men’s bathroom I slowly started to make out some of the words and then realized it was an emergency weather report. Walking out my eyes opened as I paused in the Lobby to wait for Kathy. Very quickly she exited and I pointed up with my index finger towards the voice. “Do you hear that? That’s a warning for a snowstorm that’s going to blanket Montana. I think that’s what I was getting warned about.”

 Quickly walking outside into the cold air that was getting colder I said, “let check the weather reports along the way and see how bad it is going to get.”

 Sitting in our truck we started checking cities along I-90 until we ended up at St. Regis. No snow, none for today or tomorrow, so off to St. Regis we go.

 Stopping off at a Three forks for gas the temperature was already 34 and random gusts of wind were pushing me and other trucks two to three feet across the road.

 Counting this all as another one of those Holy Spirit warnings that happen from time to time we continued until we got to our hotel in St. Regis. As the overworked and understaffed counter gal helped to check several of us in (P.S. Super 8 is looking for employee’s if you are moving to the area) I watched the weather channel feed as it not only showed me some of the other crazy weather that was suddenly taking place around the U.S. while I was driving. But it also showed me a live feed from Three forks where we got gas, It was dumping snow.

 Things are changing, it’s not the same o’l playing field we always knew. And for us believers in Christ…well it’s time we all learn to listen carefully. He will guide your steps because he cares for you. 

  If you grew up with the bad mental mindset of an angry God looking for an excuse to take you down for some stupid infraction. Well then sorry, you’ve got the wrong god. Sorry, bad address you need to get to know the God who created you. 

 The gospel is GOOD NEWS and he came to give life, not control and domination. He wants to be your friend, not some harsh hallway monitor ready to slap you with a ruler. 

 God wants to lead you beside still waters, that mean places of peace and rest.  -Think about it.

A New Season is Arriving.

A season is defined as a “natural division,” between what was, like winter to the new thing coming like spring. Some people love winter, the crisp cold, lights in the tree, bundling up in those favorite thick clothes with a cup of something warm in your hands. 

 Other people can’t wait until it’s over, it’s nothing but death all around, slick roads, increased heating bills, and one solid color that covers the land. But still, a person either gets used to it or “cabin fever” takes over and the intense need to break away builds and desperation pushes them towards freedom.

 If you understand the waves of Christian history over the last two thousand years. Then one of the basic concepts is the NEED for freedom. It underlines all our events, regardless if the historians talk about it or not. It was out of that need that the Scots rebelled against the British crown and the Catholic system in 1557 to forge a new path. And it became the undercurrent for the creation of the United States.

 In the last few hundred years, there have been many “seasons” of freedom come and go, and we stand now at the next door. Many do not realize what is in front of us now, and this is mostly because we have been trained to see and expect problems more than recognize opportunities. Problems arise as we try hard to hang on to the winter of our sojourn out of fear of the new. Old fears, cultural identification, and hard mindsets work around our feet, keeping us from stepping into the new.

 The new is here, can you hear it?

 Regardless of how you or I feel about the political events of the last few years, there is one strong fact that has risen strongly to the surface that can not be ignored. And that fact is, we are no longer the same!

 The Body of Christ is undergoing a transition and an attitude has become so very strong on the right-hand side of the political spectrum of questioning what you have been told and investigate the facts for yourself. This thinking has now been strongly planted in many congregations.

 Covid-19 may have shut down the physical doors but it has helped to open a door and light a fire in the hearts of many. We are now at the very doorway of seeing the breaking of the Corporate Christian Mindset. As whole denominations wander off into the perverse dark and sometimes demonic mindsets. The Body of Christ has taken a step back and asked the hard questions, “Who are we?” 

 This question is now the seed that is starting to grow as small family groups look to band together to form new bodies. Whole issues of tithing, headship, and leadership now sit on the kitchen table for open discussion as people reevaluate the basics. As a result, we now feel a new season in the wind, but this season will give birth to more than we know. For it will give birth to a New Era like none other seen before since the first century.

 This is all a part of the great shaking that was prophesied so long ago by so many prophets. (Hebrews 12:27) First, it started in the natural political realm and now it is reaching the spiritual realm, the Body of Christ. Here is the scripture that the Lord has been reminding me of for years about this time.

 “On that day messengers will go out from me in ships to frighten Cush out of her complacency. Anguish will take hold of them on the day of Egypt’s doom, for it is sure to come.” Ezekiel 30:9

 The physical political shakers came and set the stage, now you can expect the Spiritual shakers to do the same. Who are they? Look around you, the Lord often does his best work in the corners, coffee shops, and living rooms where his people meet. The shakers could be you, your son, daughter, mother, or father. People of no reputation, just motivated by conviction, planting new ideas, bold concepts of hope, and a prayer.

 Do you feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you? Good.

 Do you feel like you have been spun in a circle? Good.

 Do you feel like the road you expected has changed and you are having a hard time admitting it changed? Good.

 You in good company, your old road has changed and the last ten years has been prep work for what is coming. Great darkness is now spreading across the land, but you are a part of the great light that will bring Springtime to the world. The cold winter you unknowingly grew accustomed to for the last decade is starting to thaw and if you stay in the same place too long you will soon be treading mud. So move out, shake yourself off and learn to look around yourself with new eyes.

 How is it changing for us?

 If you have looked at any of my social media that I had. You would often find the statement, “Working when I can, writing the rest of the time. Waiting for the change!” This is something I can no longer post as the change is at the door.

 Waiting and praying for the change for years, the change came and looked a bit different than what I expected. As a result, we have been in the process of relocating out of Wyoming and into North Idaho. The day of this change took far longer than expected to get here, and as a result, you will see many changes roll out on this blog site over the next few months. I would have thought this would have happened way back in 2015 and then in 2018, but I was wrong. 

  Being very unhappy with our current situation in Casper Wyoming, an unexpected wave of “smaller” prophetic events rolled out recently that put us on the road. We are now in the process of transferring everything to a new place for an unknown amount of time. In this new place, we will be starting the process of building out our own publishing company/group. And as a result, you will see this blog change to become more of a selling platform for the products created.

 If you know who Andrew Torba is, then you will know his position that it is time for Christians to create their economy, and I do and have agreed with this kind of thinking for years now.

 This publishing company will be, in time publishing a variety of useful, helpful, and entertaining books for the family. With things like Christian teachings, Science Fiction, History, Children’s books, etc from an assortment of writers.

 The first book, My Father’s House is the result of a prophetic dream where I was told, “You know when you publish that book. You will be angering the Anti-Christ spirit!” I have shared the rough draft with a very small handful of people and discovered that it rocked their world concerning “The Church.”

 As a result, I am under no illusion that this book will be widely accepted. I joked with a friend that I might need to buy body armor.

 You see it’s not just a matter of starting the publishing process in 2021. It is a matter of finding secure, open-source systems to run everything on. The “Parler event” was an eye-opener for millions of Americans and the world as well. As it showcased just how quickly all your efforts could be taken away and if you are running a business, and you get de-platformed then your crushed. This “Parler event,” taught us all that the end result could be very nasty.

 At present, I am not releasing the name of the new company as I have not acquired an Idaho tax license for it yet. But in the next few weeks, some of those building blocks will be in place. My Father’s House is now in the hands of the editor and since I have many things ahead of me personally I can only tentatively say this book will be ready before the start of summer. 

 So… we will be walking a new road, new possibilities and this is where I am asking for your prayers as you see fit.

 Please consider joining our mailing list for updates and book releases. This is a temporary email contact address to be replaced later, just include the word “Subscribe” with your email I will then send a return email within 24 hours to let you know you have been subscribed. 

Navy Seals Rescue Over a thousand trafficked children and dead bodies out of shipping containers in the Suez Canal.


In an article titled, “Trafficked Children, Bodies, Weapons Found on Evergreen Ship Blocking Suez Canal”, by Judy Byington, 4-2-2021- it states that over a thousand trafficked children and dead bodies have been rescued out of shipping containers in the Suez Canal by US Navy Seals.

Sources say that as of this writing, children were still being rescued and bodies discovered in Evergreen’s 18,000+ containers. The containers were on an Evergreen Corporation ship that blocked the Canal from Tues. 23 March to Mon 29 March, causing billions in lost revenue to shipping companies internationally.

Sandstorm, winds blamed for container ship fiasco in Suez Canal -  FreightWaves

The Seals also found Weapons of Mass Destruction on the six story high vessel – which were believed destined to start a war in the Middle East.

Finally by Tues. the Evergreen cargo ship was loosened and taken to Bitter Lake in Egypt. By order of the Egyptian President, the containers were taken off the ship…

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“The Emperor’s New Clothes”

“The Emperor’s New Clothes”

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

In the 1837 tail by Hans Christian Anderson, The Emperor’s New Clothes was a children’s tail about the Emperor who was convinced by a couple of swindlers into believing in a new set of special clothes. 

  In the end, a child exposed the fact that the Emperor had nothing on at all, forcing the the local leader to continue keeping the illusion up and proudly walking around as if it was still a good thing.

  The pretentiousness social hypocrisy that resulted in the collective denial by everyone in this story may be laughed at by readers in this day and age, but there is a growing issue within the corporate christian world. That issue, I fear is now rising to the top.

  In the past several days I have been making trips back and forth between several states to deal with some needed things. Last night I stopped off in Livingston Montana for the night and woke up before 5 with a dream that totally echo’s Mr. Anderson story.

  In the dream I and a few others were moving some stuff around. Then I noticed on a raised platform with an ornate banister a well known Christian leader in todays modern prophetic world. He had his entourage of various other “lesser” leaders around him honoring him and hanging off his every word. Most of these other leaders I did recognize as elders, assistant pastors and support staff. 

  Then the leader announced he was putting his son in charge of a major aspect of the ministry with a budget for him to use of two million dollars. You could have heard all the lesser leaders gasp in astonishment at his words when he announced the two million. His son then stepped up on to the platform, and with much pomp his father proudly stepped back.

  His son then with his chin held high in arrogance started to slowly walk away as the assembled crowd of “lesser” leaders hung on his every move, as if he was god himself. As he walked, his clothes fell off until he was fully naked. The other leaders noticed, but in a twisted thinking, they saw it as a sign from god.

  I watched them walk by, a bit confused that no one in leadership did anything so I turned and saw an elder of the church. Bringing the subject up I asked him, “so,…(name withheld) his son is walking around naked. Your an elder are you going to do anything?”

  “Well, you don’t understand. He fell into a pit of manure, so he had to take his clothes off.” The elder responded back.

  “No, I do understand. But this place is a hotel, how come no one offered him at least a bed sheet?” I asked.

  Growing irritated the elder responded back, “well, it’s not your place to question the leadership. Consider it a stretching and a test for you, there is nothing wrong here!”

  Growing irritated myself I responded back, “Nothing wrong, how about Biblical principles? How about common decency?”

  Stepping away from me the elder angrily pointed his finger at me, “you have no right to challenge him. If your so bothered by it then why don’t you talk to him?”

 {Note, this is the first sign of fear in his eyes, and I believe the elder was scared of the ministry leader over him who sent his son.}

  So I responded back, “Your the elder, and you want me to do your job?”

  At this point the elder quickly turned around and left, not wanting to have anymore of the conversation.

It was not that long ago that Mark Taylor brought up a good question. 

  The simple fact is, if there is a political swamp then there is a religious swamp. As things continue to silently shift, the Holy Spirit is now moving his people way from some of the most stinky swamps. Some people scream and yell that their church has been closed.  But consider this question for a moment.

  .What if is its closing was grace for you to get free?

  .What is we are now about to see a strong dividing line between the real Body of Christ and the Corporate Church?

  We are headed towards exposure, do not think it will be pain free as the bandage gets ripped off.

Hard Sky

  One of the things about the prophetic is seeing things you would rather not know or say. I once heard a story about a prophetic vision John Paul Jackson had that shook him to the core about America. He released it to the general public, but a little while later another prophet by the name of Terry Bennet came along and rebuked him. 

  Terry asked him, “why did you hold back, I stood there in the same vision and saw what you saw, but you chose not to say everything you saw?” According to the story I heard, John explained he did so out of fear of what he saw, and then repented for withholding the full vision.

  Some things are hard, it’s no wonder the Lord asked the prophet Jeremiah, “What do you see, Jeremiah?” after showing him a few things. 

  The best of us can be tempted to freeze up or alter things out of fear. In Jeremiah’s case however the Lord’s response to his answer brought forth a statement that should make many of us slow down and reflect, “Then the Lord said to me, “You have seen well, for I am watching over My word to perform it.” Jeremiah 1:12 NASB. The implication of this very simple, God is watching very closely what his prophets are saying. 

  Do we embellish, do we stretch or shorten it? Not really a good idea to do that.

  As strange as in may be to our “modern minds,” God still speaks not only to His people but also through events both in the weather and the political.

  Near the end of the 20th century, a series of powerful weather events took place when President Clinton brought PLO leader Yasser Arafat to America. People died, stuff was destroyed and it all started on the day he arrived, and ended on the day Arafat left. It was a strong message that many of us “got.”

  When my wife and I sold our place in Washington state and started driving east to live in South Carolina. We stopped for the night in Albuquerque New Mexico. That morning I woke up and realized everything had changed. The sky literally felt hard, like iron. There was something of the anger of the Lord that had change the very spiritual atmosphere over the land. After coffee we turned on the TV at the KOA campground to quickly discover our former state had legalized gay marriage and then, I knew why the sky was suddenly hard.

  There’s something about the pleasure and displeasure of the Lord that changes the very environment around us. He can “crack the sky” and rain favor or close it and the earth mourns. I think we generally understand very little of how intertwined all life is with Him. Perhaps some day that will change, but apparently it is not this day.

  Now days we have something far darker sitting our gates, dripping with glee at the possibility of taking it’s seat of influence in America and as a result I do believe we are now starting to feel the hoof beats of strange weather in the distance once more. Americas stolen election is the signaling of a storm that has the potential to release hundreds of people far darker than someone like Yasser Arafat.

  For several years in the 1980’s on the day of atonement I would have a dream. Always, in the back ground of the dream was a storm. Sometimes it was off to the side or even sometimes it was the main focus of the dream, but regardless it was always the same storm. So for several decades afterwards, I may have not fully understood it all, I knew there was a storm coming.

  Is Trump done, is the fight over? No, but like all battles, twist and turns they arrive in unexpected fashion as the armies are forced to change tactics. Recently for me it was Trumps message at the wall in Texas when he spoke about the coming waves of illegal aliens that are starting to gather down south to push across into our nation that got my attention. Suddenly as he spoke, it brought to mind a dream that I feel should be released now.

  A few years ago when I was on staff at MorningStar, I had a dream about America. I then gave it to what they called the war room (that was not a good idea) and then thought very little about it sense that time.

May 22, 2013

  This dream took place in the large open prairies of the central part of America. Large dark storm clouds were rolling up from the south, pushing a light wind before it. Moving across the land, ahead of the storm came wagons. They were much like what the pioneers used in the 1850’s, only way bigger. A team of oxen, not horses pulled each wagon, and each one easily could carry as much as 20 people as the whole, very long assembly moved in a single file. 

  In the lead position, the wagons were all being driven by older, gray haired Muslim men. As I looked closer I noticed a few things, There robes where brown, dirty and the few that had turbans were so dirty you almost could not tell they where white. 

  The second group of wagons had much younger Muslim men who where all walking next to the wagons. Like the first group, some had turbans, some did not. But their wagons where full, and even though I did not see what they were full of. I could tell by how hard the oxen struggled as the men all walked in lines on both sides of the wagons to protect the contents.

  The third division had no oxen from what I could see. But had rows of young Muslim women, side by side marching in front of the wagons, pulling them. As I looked closely at the women, all I could think was, “there goes the chattel.” Their faces where all pointing forwards with a look of resolute determination, like it was their destiny to do this.

  After that was the last group, who had no wagons. Very young women, dressed in dirty ripped rags with sad faces. They did not march in any kind of order, they just seemed to drag themselves along in the dust the caravan made. They were the smallest group and the most pathetic of all, I then realized I was looking at the slaves and prostitutes being compelled to travel along.

  So what is this, what is being said here? If this were connected to Trumps comments at wall as well as known historical patterns over the last one thousand years. Then I would assume we are looking at forced immigration into the very heartland of America. 

  These four wagon trains could be easily be interpreted as four waves of forced immigration at different times. But I also lean towards these representing four levels of impact on our culture, ending with servitude on Americas youth. The first is the “elders,” the bringers of the law of Islam, and to some degree we have already seen this in many areas of the untied states under previous presidential administrations. The second group protected the “goods,” the resources to enforce the will of the elders. The third is the enforcers of culture, the human chattel who consider it their destiny. 

  Regardless of the interpretation, I know the impact will not be good that was obvious in the dream.

  If I was to contrast this against the older dreams of the coming storm. The I would say this storm will have far reaching effects across the land, driving darker spirits to enforce unholy agendas in every corner of North America.

   These people in the dream had no modern clothes because they were coming to enforce the “old ways.” They were not coming to join or be apart of the things of America, but enforce the ways of Islam.

  I am not the only person of the last 30 to 40 years (and beyond) who has seen this, but I would like to say something that I feel few others have said. What has been seen, these “pictures” represents the will of Man, not the Lord. 

  These things are being given to highlight what the will of Man wishes to happen. God however has no desire to see the streets of America run red, more does he wish for American to go into servitude. 

  But a lot of evil has been sown secretly into our tapestry, and the Lord will use whatever he desires to expose the darkness. Because by bringing the dark into the light correction can happen, leave it… well then it just festers and gets worse.

  There will however be pockets of people, good people who will not give in and submit. And in theses places, these islands of Hope, the glory of the Lord will shine but this same brightness will draw attacks.

  Many of these leaders are failing the Ephesians 5 test, V. 1-14. Right now when I look at the fact that so many Christian leaders are falling to sexual sin, a couple of things come to mind.  

  One, this opens the door for a more righteous leadership to come forth at a time when it will be needed the most. The second is that people are learning to walk away and even expose the leaders, “Therefore do not become partners with them v-7.”

  Theses islands of Hope will require the right leaders, without compromise or double mindedness as the people will need that security. Most I feel will not walk in a singular gifting as they learn to dance with care along the path the Lord has for them. In fact, I suspect many will not even be pastors, at least not the normal kind people would recognize.

  These places, these islands of Hope will always need prophetic watchmen at the gates, for living on a battlefield will always have unexpected turns and twists. And it is through these doors the Body of Christ will experience many things including refinement from the “church system” that Babylon has influenced.

  But what is the end result?

  I am one of the few who feels the true end times is still a little ways off and that we still have a bumpy road ahead of us. When I was hinting that I was not the only person to has seen this coming storm in the modern age. I was referring to not only modern voices, but voices far into our past, how far beyond? How about the birth of our nation!

  There are two major prophetic visions interconnected to America’s fabric that date back to Revolutionary War and the Civil War. Both George Washington’s vision and Major General George B. McClellan (1862) had very similar visions to each other. In Washington’s he saw the end of the Revolutionary War, the civil war and a third Great War on US soil yet to come.

  McClellan’s vision not only showed him tactical information that helped him win the battle of Antietam. But it also provided more information on the coming third war that Washington saw.

  Basically the Angel showed McClellan that, that century would end, another would pass and at the start of the next century (present day) this war would start. 

  In the final message of McClellan’s vision he was told something profound about America, “…the oppressors of the whole earth, hating and envying her exaltation, shall join themselves together and raise up their hands against her. But if she shall be found worthy of her high calling they shall surely be discomfited, and then will be ended her third and last great struggle for existence. Thenceforth shall the Republic go on, increasing in power and goodness, until the borders shall end only in the remotest corners of the earth, and the whole earth shall beneath her shadowing wing become a Universal Republic. Let her in her prosperity, however remember the Lord her God, her trust be always in him, and she shall never be confounded.”

  The Lord used Trump to lay a foundation of exposure so that the whole world would see the evil. This “digital army” that General Flynn spoke of has taken a few emotional bruises, but she is still alive and well. 

  So now, all things move to the next phase, and the concepts of freedom and liberty under the blessing of the Lord Jesus Christ are still very alive. There is a greater blessing coming to many, do not loose hope during the days of struggle.