Land of my Sojourn

Life is a funny thing, just when you think things are settled and fine, life flips things around and all that was presumed to take place makes a sharp detour. 2020 for much of us was a great example of that. In January would you really have expected December to turn out like it did?

I have seen several prophetic streams within the Body of Christ flip and flop like a fish on a dock as they ‘ajust’ there prophetic words to fit the next odd thing the world throws at us. All of this make me quietly ask the simple question, “When did the Prophetic community abdicate there responsibly and become nothing more than ‘prophetic news commentators?’

It’s sad…

But, the Body of Christ is going through a transition, can you feel it?

We have been in the land of plenty for a long time, the hard work of previous generations now rolls down to us. The fact is we did not build it, we inherited it and therefore by extension we do not fully comprehend the cost. We can read about it and study it, but there is no substitute unfortunately for first hand experience.

We have, for a few years now enjoyed the ‘plenty’ as the storms of darkness quietly rolled in, applying layers of complacency and tolerance ‘at any cost’ within the Body and social conditioning within the world at large.

This is partly due to the sociological manipulation of Social Media platforms like FaceBook and Twitter and partly due to laziness within Christ’s Community.

Much like the ‘Shadow’ of the coming storm that was so prophetic in the Lord of the Rings movies. A greater darkness now gathers at the gates of our world. And regardless is if it take takes weeks or decades to arrive, it eventually will. This simply is a known Biblical fact from the book of Revelation, unless your apart of the growing deception that seeks to castrate God’s word by nullifying this book like is so popular now days.

Current social programming, both within the Body and without has done an effective job disconnecting us from knowledge of who we are in Christ as well as our history. Historically, the Body of Christ was always at it’s strongest during persecution. When it purpose becomes suddenly and sharply defined before it’s eyes.

So much so, that few now understand that one of ways God deals with his Body when they have become complacent is to shake us awake!

All these things, both good and bad that have been unfolding in 2020 and has been used by the Lord to start waking up his kids. Many who have seen their places of worship close or restricted are now looking at it either through self-righteousness anger or pondering if the Lord just used this event to send us all a message?

This is partly due to Mark Taylors message, exposing the Tax deductible church status of 501C3 for what it is. The reality is by accepting that status your assembly has quietly come under the hidden headship of not only the Government, but by extension the Vatican as well. And that is just not acceptable when your headship should be Christ. Because no man can serve two masters.

So, one by one the layers of what we thought this world was is slowly getting stripped, painfully away from our eyes. And depending on how hard you look, you will find the darkness is far deeper and more vile than most would have imagined.

For anyone who has done any measure of traveling, got out and away from mesmerizing city lights and enjoyed simplicity of creation. Enjoyed the painted hues of green, blue, yellows and browns of the Canyons, forests, Prairies or wild waves of a sea storm. These things, understandably can make a person feel like they are standing in paradise.

But we are not, as loud as the subdued voice of nature is. It is nothing but symbolic shadows of a greater world yet to come. I’ve had a couple of spiritual experiences, long ago that demonstrated to me just how expansive it could be. One such experience left me in a bit of a state of wonder for a couple of days. I attempted to explain what I saw and felt to hand full of people and quickly realized two things. One was that and the words I could use, failed to communicate my emotions and thoughts. The second was by the blank look on everyone’s faces, I soon learned that this was something you had to experience yourself to understand.

Basically, in the simplest of terms… everything had a voice and there was NOTHING hidden. All the little things we take for granted that we would never share in a group was fully known as the colors around you reacted.

In this other world…well how shall I say it. Is far more appealing and dripping with wonder than what we stand in today.

Once we get re-born here by Christ’s blood, we really are a child of two worlds. We have duties and responsibilities as given out by the King to do here, but all the while our hearts are longing for our home as the new creation within us is totally alien to the world around us.

As it says in the old Petra song,

“We are strangers, we are aliens We are not of this world.”

This land is the land of our Sojourn, we inhabit it, we laugh, cry and provide for the family, but in the end a greater home awaits. In our time here the Lord slowly refines our nature (unless we fight him) so that, as it says in Romans 8, “For those whom He foreknew, He also predestined to become conformed to the image of His Son…” NASB

I like the line in Rich’s song that says, “All those drain pipes are drippin’ out the last Sons Of Thunder.”

The Sons of Thunder were two apostles who in some ways I feel symbolized the spectrum of the Apostolic.

In the early days of their spiritual immaturity these two guys, James and John wanted to call down fire and destroy all the people who did not accept Jesus teaching. Jesus of course did not let them but informed them that they did not know what kind of spirit they were of…

Later in 44AD, James was the first of the twelve to die. James converted his accuser to Christ and then the both of them were beheaded together. His brother however was the last of the original twelve Apostles. Wrote several of the books of the Bible including the last one and died of old age, even after (according to our history) they attempted to kill him.

So, one was the first, the other was the last and both fully came to understand they were of a different spirit.

So let that set in, sink deep. How are we to act, live and sing as we live as strangers in a strange land?

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