Find Me, Patterns in Life

Find Me, Margaret Becker

Got home today from work. Sitting back, I started listening to music while I unwind from the day. Skipped many different songs on my Spotify list until I finally came to rest on a selection of older Christian songs that were once so central to our lives. Margaret Becker, Jars of Clay, Brandon Heath, Carolyn Arends, Newsboys, and others. Continue reading


Chathair Geal

Chathair Geal

Chathair Geal is an Irish (Gaelic) word that means the “White Throne.”

The White Throne of the Bible often mentioned is connected with Grace and Judgment. Simply because those two realities are often connected to each other.

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A Cold “Nuclear” Morning.

A Better Morning

This morning it was negative 3 degrees, now that its midday and has warmed up to 33, things feel a lot better. I know, however, that’s still far warmer than much of the United States today.

As some of you can tell it’s been a while since I have put out a blog post. But this month has been a tiring month, with moving, ice and snow. I mostly find myself wanting to engage in doing “nothing” at the end of the day.

Had a long talk this morning with a friend from the east coast. Talked over many old issues with my former employer. Current trends in Christianity and the prophetic as well as some dreams the Lord gave both of us. Lots of patterns, things to ponder. Continue reading

East – West

As I lay here in the dark of the night,
searching for sleep that I never find.
Hours now tic by, looking just like the last one flying on by.
Cascading waves of tumbled thoughts,
compete for the right to seize my mind.

Friends of the East, friends of the West
Troubled concerns take away the best. Continue reading


Hello everybody,
So as I sit here writing this end of the year post. It’s around nine degrees outside and I am enjoying the “Cageless Birds” instrumental album on Spotify. So for your enjoyment, I have included a link “The Joy of the Chase”

I know that the posts have been a bit lean during the holiday season, but that is mostly in part to me putting in extra hours over this season. In January things, like most businesses slow down so I am expecting to write and send out several posts. Continue reading

For those who wait…

..SO… I haven’t written in a while. Done a lot of reading, re-editing and putting in hours at where I work. The mind has been a bit fuzzy with the ongoing routine of it all to put together something of value.
..Thought about another poem, but the only thing that comes to mind is snow. And I doubt anyone wants to read ANOTHER poem about little white fluffy flakes. Thought about history, the prophetic in America and a few other subjects.
..Been considering one on the subject of food, mostly all the stuff I have been learning about the real science behind Carnivore eating. But most of that is too new to me personally, to do a decent write-up on would require footnotes, links and better thinking from a person who is often tired after work. So I will keep learning and wait to write it.

Creativity is low in the world of the daily grind.

..So, I would just like to vent for a moment in this update. And say I yearn for the next thing beyond the daily cycles of life. I tire of the ongoing reports of “what is coming,” of the great course correction in the world, church and financial markets. As cold as it may sound, I just simply just want to have it happen, so that this event is over. It’s like holding your breath forever, over the ongoing march of good and bad reports.
..I hear things from several places, on several subjects. And like Bilbo said in the Fellowship of the Ring, “I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.”
..I keep feeling (and so does my wife) that all of this will be fine. It will settle out in the end, the things spoken in the silence of dreams and visions from the Lord’s heart will regardless of my understand still take place.
..But still, I am not still, but restless for the change. For things I have not seen and old promises maybe held to close. Everything waits, frozen on a screen like a pause button from an old VCR remote.
..And talking and reading of the words of a few others, I know we are not alone in this.

What are you waiting for?


Elegance of Snow


The Elegance of Snow.

In the elegance that often arrives with delicateness.
The powderly white accumulates in inches before my eyes.
Shall it be one or two today or maybe even four inches from the sky.

Christal cold, bright but not old.
The canvas is laid anew without a track to be found.

For the foolishness few are tested, that I have seen.
Like a woman with her dress, flipped a bit to high over her head.
Car and rider are flipped on it’s side.
To be seen ungracefully skidding by before all the eyes.

While truck and plow shows just how,
parking lot land-locked glaciers are smashed together.
Gray and grimy cousins,
Of there northern graceful brethren.

O the show has started, gather around y’all from far and wide.
For in this simple ring we have slips and falls,
back flips and somersaults.

Not to be outdone by bruise hips and aching backs.
With crumpled fenders from big truck racks.