Into the Pathetic and Back.

Note: I know some will take this word in a negative context. But as a good friend recently reminded me concerning ruffling the feathers of the prophetic, “ truth comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable.” RF.

Like all things that grow, the childlike prophetic of the ’80s
Has become a bit taller, seeking its elder friends.
Dreams and visions filled this child’s head
As it proclaimed, “I’m a big kid now.”

To the grin of the elders, who watched its awkwardness grow.
But like an unruly gang of pre-teens with nothing to do during the night
Their fingers soon found tripping stones under the Lord’s sight.
And the Prophetic began slipping into the Pathetic.


Everyone wanted to be counted among the “Prophets.”
A compromise here, a compromise there.
A little popularity, a little mammon, hey sir have another beer!
Just prophesy what we say, for there is nothing to fear.


As the rudder rope of the ship stretched, slowly it wandered from “Holy unto the Lord” to the island of “greater experiences” to rest.

For it is a more popular destination don’t ya know.

All the while it’s Elder friends shook their heads declaring that “I knew it wasn’t real.”

Ah…but little do they know. There is always a Saul before there is a David.
Trained by the Lord in the hiddenness of the caves, a David awaits.

For these Davids will gather in Holiness all those who are lost and alone.
In the Spirit of the Nazarites, they will be known.

Marching in ranks, tearing down that house built on sand.
A garden like Eden they do leave behind.
They will jump over the walls of mountains the former made so high.
For I think… Joel just might have foresaw this powerful hidden army.

All welcome revival by word, but few by deed.
The Revolution.
One if by land, two if by sea
This Army shall break down the house of hypocrisy in thee.
So that the bride shall stand and be made free.

For as judgment begins in the house of the Lord
Remember what the prophet said;

“They climb into the houses; like thieves they enter through the windows.
Before them the earth shakes, the heavens tremble,
the sun and moon are darkened and the stars no longer shine.
The Lord thunders
at the head of his army”


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