Fireroad in the Last Days

FireroadJust a little bit over fifteen years ago, a story started that I have slowly and carefully watched. For the most part, I have shared this story with only a few people. I have carefully observed, waiting to see if what I am looking at continues to unfold the way I think it might.

Now, once I start talking about this, someone, somewhere will at least start saying in the back of their mind, “where’s your evidence?”

So I will include a few links here and there, but not everything. Simply because I don’t want to overload you, the readers of this article. And I also assume if you want to know more, then you know how to do some research yourself. Continue reading

This Mornings Thoughts

Two RacoonsThis Morning thoughts.

Considerably less than blurry eyes, I started my morning in the normal way. Get dressed, hook the dogs up on their leashes and take them out of the apartment for their morning bathroom run.

At somewheres between 5:30 to 6 AM all three of us walk out towards the green, under the few, sparse street lights. Ellise is the oldest, and she almost always ready to “go.” Even if she is half awake and walking sideways. Razzle just plods along with her ears back, to do what has to be done without waking up. Continue reading