Elegance of Snow


The Elegance of Snow.

In the elegance that often arrives with delicateness.
The powderly white accumulates in inches before my eyes.
Shall it be one or two today or maybe even four inches from the sky.

Christal cold, bright but not old.
The canvas is laid anew without a track to be found.

For the foolishness few are tested, that I have seen.
Like a woman with her dress, flipped a bit to high over her head.
Car and rider are flipped on it’s side.
To be seen ungracefully skidding by before all the eyes.

While truck and plow shows just how,
parking lot land-locked glaciers are smashed together.
Gray and grimy cousins,
Of there northern graceful brethren.

O the show has started, gather around y’all from far and wide.
For in this simple ring we have slips and falls,
back flips and somersaults.

Not to be outdone by bruise hips and aching backs.
With crumpled fenders from big truck racks.




The settling cold of winters approach,
turns the chapter of yet another season. 

With little bits of drifting white, 
Along the Wyoming road. 

The color of the land has been kidnaped away, 
flake by flake like a school kids eraser.

Bite of cold awakens the morning face,
As the ears and nose quickly chill.

Scrape the ice, bust it free so that you can see.
Stomp the snow from the shoes, to keep it all clean.

Gee, another day of snowy white under the deep blue sky.
What a contrast of colors, what a contrast of temperatures.

Gray and muted are but few.

And then the heat returns like a old friend for a day, maybe three.
And the brown fall colors of the fall prairie fields return for all to see.

Wood Heat and the Prophetic


Wood Heat and the Prophetic

By Robert Foster

 Growing up our first wood heating system in Washington State was a fireplace. After several very cold winters, Dad removed the fireplace and bought a wood stove. I never really understood what took Dad so long to finally give up his fireplace. Now after moving to the South and seeing that fireplaces are everywhere I think I finally understand it was a part of his heritage in Arkansas. For myself, I can understand the draw of a fireplace, you see the fire and get the benefit of some of the warmth. However, I have also owned regular wood stoves and I have also owned modern wood cook stoves. I enjoy the look and feel of a fireplace, but love the heat and efficiency of a quality wood stove. Continue reading