Protest Reports and other News for May 1st, 2020

FYI, if your wondering about the shocked seal for a cover image. It’s part of my way of getting around some of the algorithms on Social Media that keeps blocking my stuff.

The Following is a collection of Videos of protests as well as other Images of that, and other news for May 1st. Continue reading

America, Q, The World and the War we are in.

We are at war, but this is not a normal war.

Some time back I posted a couple of very old, prophetic messages concerning America from General George Washington and Major General George B. McClellan of the Civil War. You can, and I encourage you to go back and re-read them for context.

Basically they are an outline, symbolically, a future war that is to take place on American soil.

If you have any understanding of prophetic symbolism and your eyes are open to REALLY see the world around you, then this video, “Bards of War; EP81 – Continue reading

It is a Good Day

it is a good day

..An old friend of mine that was a strong influence on my writing would often use the phrase, “It’s a Good Day” as a tag line in his emails and personal letters. He passed away a while back and from time to time I think about the little things Michael often said.
..So regardless of the weather and all the world stuff swirling about these days, I can say, yes, it is a good day.
..Now I know I have not posted in a while and in fact, it may be some time before I post again. So I decided I should at least post something for 2020. Continue reading