Report: The Carnivore Diet


Note: Ok, so I had a bit of fun creating the above image. Not that I am saying I am a dinosaur or that we are eating dinosaurs. But after moving to Wyoming it seems every town has a museum for dinosaurs because it’s the farmers who sometimes find the bones in the fields.

I wanted to give a three-week report on a new diet we are trying. First of all, I am not going to be filling this simple report with many of the facts anyone can find on the internet. I will say there is a lot of growing support and facebook groups for eating this way. All I want to do in this simple report is simply just let people know what my wife and I have been discovering with this diet.
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The Gray Havens – The Ghost of a King

This is a new band for us, enjoy.

Food for Thought, Update, July 2018

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Hello everyone, It’s been a long time since I did a general update. The last one I did was from Nov of 2015 where I talked about my old web page, Whatcom County Prophetic Page. In that, I mentioned I would be adding various old prophetic words from America’s past as well as my hope to get into writing various other types of articles.

Well, some of that panned out, some of it did not.

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Change my World

Where is Holiness?


Why is it so rare in your children’s house?

Have they not seen the growing dark?

The blood on the road?


Must we always walk about with Logs in our eyes.

Logs make a poor substitute eye glasses.

For they are meant for houses.


I have seen the folly of the big names.

And the carelessness of the smaller few.

If we point at them, we risk smacking them with Logs of our own eye.


But we can not remain silent.

With fallen logs, Heaven must now direct our eyes.


Perhaps the days of Lindisfarne must be renewed.

Islands of Holiness, a refuge to be renewed.


For the lost, hurt and lonely travelers of this old cold sea.

With a kiss of Holiness, setting apart the church to be renewed.

Could Iona have been so bad?


Sending out its emissaries with the power to change a world.

Into the Pathetic and Back.

Note: I know some will take this word in a negative context. But as a good friend recently reminded me concerning ruffling the feathers of the prophetic, “ truth comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable.” RF.

Like all things that grow, the child like prophetic of the 80’s

Has become a bit taller, seeking its elder friends.

Dreams and visions filled this child’s head

As it proclaimed, “I’m a big kid now.”


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What will the Lord do?



  Unfortunately, we have had many decades now of a watered-down understanding of God. Many people try to divorce God’s Old Testament actions from Jesus New Testament actions. Now there can be many reasons for this like Bad teaching, Pollyanna attitude, denominational bias the list goes on and on.

  Some people who lean very heavy on the Grace side of things go so far as to never acknowledge Jesus’s more “harder” saying or even read the book of Revelation. Thereby creating an unhealthy view of God himself. Part of this is bad teaching and part of it is the failure of the modern prophetic movement to add corrections as needed.

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From Horizon to Horizon I listen for a sound

From home, cabin to castle.

I await.


How still must I be?


Great is the storm within the soul.

Banging away at the time clock of my mind.

Deeper still I must be.


For the essence of that calling Voice is as deep as His Glory.

The Blue, The Gray, Pink and Reds of the sky.

whispers of a home yet unseen.


Reflections beyond the Horizon of Time

That my Soul is bursting yet to see.


Reflections of ever changing colors.

That I can not touch from the sea of Earth.


Reflections these colors whisper of a world

That I need to be.

“Come deeper with me.”


Like to many shadows at the end of a long day.

Are the words of my mind as I try to write.

Beyond their fence, pulled and made tight


An attempt to create something of value.


For they hold as much water as a fisherman’s net

So I wonder, if my time would be better spent

With a fishing pole than a net.


A pole at rest between the fingers awaiting a bite.

Toes in the sand, branches in a ring of fire.


Looking up at the now starry night.

Just content for the friendly conversation

On such a fine night.

While I await better words from a finer bite.

Good by to Goshen

How do you pick up the threads of an old life? How do you go on, when in your heart you begin to understand… there is no going back. Frodo Baggins; The Return of the King.

There is a lot of wisdom in what Tolkien wrote and I have thought of this comment many times over the last few years. It rings like a voice on the wind in the corners of my mind as I reflect on the fifteen year road I have taken that has brought me to this place.

Fifteen years ago my wife and I were raising dairy goats, had a garden around two acres in size. We got our years firewood from the forest and had a small prophetic ministry that later became a church. At that time, due to the spiritual climate of the area we lived. The Lord led me to join MorningStar’s Fellowship of Ministries. Continue reading

Apart of Me

Apart of Me

Five years for grace with an extra for man.

Hard and long, endure to the end was that the plan?


Clean and ship and write that report for the man.

Oh look, another new boss I don’t like that plan.


Twist and turn, I think I have seen to much.

Talk and teach, maybe I care to much.


Ministry or corporation that I work, the line is way to blurred.

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