The Coming Trojan Horse

The Coming Trojan Horse

The Coming Trojan Horse
– An end-times report

..As some of you know I do research on several topics. Looking for patterns, matching it with prophetic stuff either from myself or others. As time passes by, I have learned to see so much of all this stuff interconnected.
One of those subjects that I often watch is archeological in nature. One of the reasons for this is because of Matthew 24: 37-39 Continue reading

Lisa Haven News

I wanted to share with you today some big news that is only the tip of the Iceberg. This is major news that will effect millions of people. Instead of writing a report on this issue (as well as other confirmed report surfacing NOW) I though it would be good to just let you listen to what is being said.


Click on the picture below to open up in You Tube.

Another World

Another World.

The thread bare plans of Earthly kings rise and fall like an unending sea.
Brewing, festering in the hands of a turbulent lot.

For there hands can not defile what the Lord has made clean.
Seeking no good they crave spilled blood.

But little does it matter to the Lord with the Tapestry of His hand.

Colored bright with the lives and light of his redeemed
He weaves them tight in His Tapestry to be seen. Continue reading

Fireroad in the Last Days

FireroadJust a little bit over fifteen years ago, a story started that I have slowly and carefully watched. For the most part, I have shared this story with only a few people. I have carefully observed, waiting to see if what I am looking at continues to unfold the way I think it might.

Now, once I start talking about this, someone, somewhere will at least start saying in the back of their mind, “where’s your evidence?”

So I will include a few links here and there, but not everything. Simply because I don’t want to overload you, the readers of this article. And I also assume if you want to know more, then you know how to do some research yourself. Continue reading