Waiting for the Sonrise, Part 3


Welcome to the continuation of “Waiting for the Sonrise” In part one I gave a general overview of various subjects as an introduction. In part two I took the subject of food and health and expanded it. In reality, none of these subject expansions, including this one about History could possibly do justice to the subject.

Case in point, to properly address the subject of history would result in a major overhaul of our history books. As a small example, a few weeks ago a friend of mine and myself took out a large sheet of butcher-like paper. And wrote the word “Antarctica” on it. Creating a simple graph of everything we know that connects to it, from what is not being said in the history books soon filled the paper. And we only wrote down the topic headings!! WOW.
There is a war going on in this world. It’s a war for the control of knowledge and history. As I wrote in part one: “History is often written by the victor. As a result, History is filled with self-motivated promotion desiring to hide the ugly and promote the veneer of an illusion.”

One of the realities of any war is what is called, “The Fog of War.” Originally the “Fog” was an artificially created smoke, laid down on the battle field designed to limit your enemies visibility. Nowadays the Fog of War is a highly is a diversified element in the modern world. News media outlets, governments, corporations, employers and even Christian ministries have employed the art of misdirection with very effective skill.

Case in point. Employers like one I just left, use stress to increase loyalty and tunnel vision with speech’s designed to make everyone believe we are “all in this together.” Thereby keeping employees’ eyes off of bigger, more cancerous issues.

Media outlets push trivial subjects, making mountains out of molehills. Thereby keeping everyone’s eyes off world-changing events that will have major downstream effects on you and I. Thereby forcing news media’s of better quality to arise on the internet. It’s been the growing popularity of these secondary outlets that has helped fuel the 2016 election upset.

Knowing this has encouraged me to launch into certain social networking platforms like Twitter to seek better sources of news.

A few years ago I searched the Twitter database for certain overseas links. At that time, one of the big issues was ISIS in Iraq. Finding twitter feeds from various individual US and Iraqi troops. I was getting nearly live news feeds of battle events. I soon, quickly realized that many events that just happened took as long as two weeks before it showed up on American news. And by then it seemed to me to be very watered down and twisted compared to the live feed.

It was from an Israeli news site years before years before that I watched a continually updated feed of information about Saddam Hussein that really showed me how things worked. While America took over Iraq and the news media screamed about the missing WMD that our government claimed was in the country.

I watched as debka.com from Israel reported that the WMD were moved out of the country by Saddam’s order, weeks before we entered into Syria. Then, as everyone hunted for the ex-president, I watched them report him traveling from one country to another seeking political refuge.

All the countries refused to take him this was due to American encouragement behind the curtain until he finally showed up in Moscow. Refusing him entry, he was escorted back to Iraq, placed in a hole in the ground for American forces to find. Do our government work together? Of course, they do.

Our Modern day events are played out in amazing clockwork fashion to create the desired social effects by the major players of the world. As a result, the living world is under the continually advancing fog of war, unaware of the real battles that now sit on our doorstep.

Trained to accept worldwide disasters as the stuff of movies. When rumors of real events surface, they are often divorced automatically in our minds by our social training. What if I told you that various movies are really prophetic symbols of things yet to come?

What if I said a Civil War and The Tribulation were on your doorstep now? Would you prepare, would you pray or would you just turn the TV back on as you drink another beer?

These modern events being played out behind closed doors are just the end times crop for a harvest of all the is good and bad in the world.

Many of the events of the last one hundred years in our history books have stories hidden behind them that clearly display the chessboard of world domination played out by the dark forces.

It’s no different within the mainstream church. As the Christian history of the past advances in age, we see mostly the “high points” in teachings, books, and sermons. As a result, many subjects become ineffective in their arguments as the valleys between the peaks are overlooked. The richness of signs and wonders that are meant to inspire are slipped onto dusty old shelves in favor of “Good doctrine.” The reality is you will never have good doctrine if you get to cherry pick the parts of Christian history you like and do not like.

{As an example, see this older post about the Spiritual History of the Pacific Northwest.}

So, let’s take a closer look at just one subject.

The question is, when did the last of the dinosaurs die? If you had said millions of years ago, you would have got an “A” on your test in school. But our modern concepts of time are a bit off. And you might be surprised by a large amount of evidence that the world is hiding. Without adding a lot of commentaries I am just going to show you “some” of the evidence that is out there.




  1. The top picture is from Cambodia of a Stegosaurs and dates to about 800 years ago.
  2. The Middle is from the Hongshan culture in China, 4000 years ago
  3. The Bottom is from Shang dynasty of China, 1766-1122 B.C.

Side note: Marco Polo journals mentioned that the high nobility of China sometimes road around on large lizards. But nobody believed him.



  1. Top two rows, French chateaus built near the close of the Middle Ages and early 1500s have many dragons called Leviathan. Who’s body closely resembles a Baryonyx Dinosaur. One to Two ton’s in weight, 25 to 33 feet long.
  2. Third row, Palau de La Generalitat in Barcelona Spain completed in 1619 AD. With the Historic image of St. George slaying a dragon that looks like a Nothosaurus Dinosaur. 16 to 23 feet.
  3. Fourth row, pre-Greek civilization (before 2700 BC.) Stegosaurs.




Oh, my. There are so many images I could use for this. I decided to only use a small sample. Estimated somewheres around 30 to 40 thousand clay figurines. 800 AD.

  1. Acambaro, Mexico. Unknown, possibly a Tuojiangosaurus with a Sauropod.
  2. Middle Image, someone riding a Triceratops.
  3. Bottom, Ankyosaurus, Triceratops, Unknown.

North America

North America

  1. Top images are a collection of old tribal drawing and stone art, mostly from the Lakota Sioux. It features a monster they called Unktehi. It was considered dangerous.
  2. The bottom is a Brontosaurus from Utah, North American Anasazi Indians that lived in the area between 150 B.C. to 1200 A.D.

South America

South America

Like Mexico, there is a very large amount of evidence.

  1. Ceremonial Burial Stones from the Nasca culture (100 BC to 800AD)
  2. Pre-Incan and two stones of a man being eaten by a Tyrannosaurus.
  3. Third row, Beautiful Incan tapestries and pottery (200 – 700 AD)
  4. Fourth row, Nazcan vases of a Sauropod? unknown date.


This is only a very small sample of the vast amount of hidden history.

So, when did the dinosaurs die? Good question, the natives Ghana Africa still claim large lizards with wings sometimes fly around the rivers of the jungles.

What is our history? It’s a convenient retelling of assumptions and fabrications designed to make the population blind to reality. Welcome to the constantly redesigned Matrix.

Your world is bigger than you know.


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