.. So I have mentioned, alluded to and talked in part by never directly of the current “pushes” of the demonic world in this day and age. That push would be concerning the Bible its self. The Bible is one of the parts of a strong foundation God has laid in the Christian world for his people.
..Currently, things are “heating up” in many areas of Christendom as the kingdom of darkness is trying to unravel this foundation from every corner.
..This compilation of 66 books, spanning thousands of years has stood the test of time and this current storm that is growing is no different. People are now knowingly and unknowingly tugging away at an interwoven tapestry constructed by the Power of God.
..Ignorance is forgiven and some of those people down through the ages have been changed by the Lord. Others have been allowed to crash, never to recover. The message of history is simple, “Don’t mess with the Lord’s stu.”

..On the largest scale, that can be found, are hopefully nothing more than ignorant blundering. There are obvious examples like (as an example, but not the only one) Rick Joyner who published his Bible commentary series with various scriptures alter, moved or deleted. Also, large corporations like Harper Collins, who bought the NIV Bible and did a blender job on 45 verses.
..Putting that aside, other problems exist, some that I feel are far more deadly. Not that long ago at a conference that was attended by many pastors from all over the US. The attendees who gathered at this meeting on the east coast. Came to listen to an up and coming speaker from the UK who had written a book that impacted various leaders’ lives.
..This meeting had many significant things happen as it lasted for several days. Several people I know reported Witches within the hotel complex conducting their “business” in the rooms and hallways. Others reported a strong sense of the demonic at different points through out the meeting.
..But the main point came when the speaker who had billed his book as: “We stand fully identified in the new creation renewed in knowledge according to the pattern of the exact image of our Creator Col 3:10” Stood up to tell the crowd that the coming horrors of the book of Revelation need not happen. “If we all gather together as one and petition the throne room of heaven for a change. We can re-write the book.”
..I am sorry, but that’s profound deception. Jesus who is the best example or should I say the perfect example of the new creation that we are to follow. Would never presume to change what was written, in fact, he said:
..“For truly, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass from the Law until all is accomplished. Matt 5:18”
..Also, he said, “He said to them, “It is not for you to know times or seasons that the Father has fixed by his own authority. Acts 1:7

..On a side note, from what an observer told me. About half of the pastors did get up and walk out of the meeting. The rest it seems bought, into this British man’s theology.

So, as Stan Lee has often said, “nuff said” on that.
So before I keep going, lets lay down the foundation of the history of the Bible.
..A long time ago The Jewish leaders accepted the writings of Moses to be scripture. As other books came along, there became a need at various points in history to stop and compare them to the established foundation laid by Moses. As a result, various books were either rejected because they did not match or where felt they were not the Word of God.
..Even today some books like, “The Book of Enoch and the Book of Giants” are still not considered by the mainstream to be scripture, but were considered historical works that add to the overall picture of what the pre-flood world was like. In the early days of the Church, the book of Enoch was even quoted from by the Apostles and even Jesus.
..Later, after the death and resurrection of Jesus, other writings popped up like weeds in a garden that forced the early church fathers in the third century to do something about them.

Using the established Jewish scriptures as a template to work from. All new writings had to be held to the same standard. As a result, they rejected a boatload. Some were horribly off base. Others were close, but like the Jewish sages of generations past, they felt that some were just not the inspired word of God.
Unlike the rejected books that often endorsed or promoted occult concepts. The books the early fathers did retain maintained, what they felt was the consistent nature of God and not a perversion.

How about message fading?
..One of the concerns has been the quality of the message over thousands of years. That fear was reduced to near zero when in the twentieth century, many archeological digs unearthed various parts of the Old Testament. Thousands of years old, they were compared to modern Hebrew scripture and found the degree of accurately extremely high. How can that happen?
..Old Testament scribes, entrusted with the job of copying, held a long-standing tradition. While writing by hand (sorry, no typewriters or word processors) on animal skins. If the slightest error was made, the whole scroll was destroyed by fire.
..Imagine, hundreds of hours of work copying something like the Psalms. Get near the end, make a mistake and then toss it into the fire. As a result, I think you are going to learn to not take any shortcuts and get it right or find a new line of work.
So based on all the things I know, the Old Testament is solid.

What about Constantine?
..Constantine was the Emperor of Rome. Stuck between a rock and a hard spot (so to speak) on the battlefield, he prayed and converted to Christianity after Jesus saved him and his army on the battlefield. In my opinion, he had a true conversion, but unfortunately, he was politically minded and made to many decisions in his life based on politics and not the will of the Lord.
..From the things I have read, Constantine’s connection with the assembly of the New Testament into one book did not include the alteration of the words, but the interpretation of there meaning. Many of those things, considered small most likely in that day, are now manifesting as progressively larger and larger cracks. Cracks that should be addressed by a new generation of trusted church leaders.
..In my opinion, those issues are reflected in end time teachings as well as general church leadership as far as I am aware. But that’s another subject for another day.

What about the different versions of the Bible?
..The challenge here is the issue of interpretation of ancient writings to a modern language that is constantly changing. Many ancient words have no direct (one to one) translation. And many have many variations. That’s why the better versions of the Bible are worked on by a team of professionals who labor and strive for accuracy. That’s also why independent versions produced by a single person or corporation can be loaded with errors due to personal bias. No accountability!!
..If you are still trying to wrap your mind around this, then think of it this way. “All these versions are but leaves from the same Tree of Life. Not all leaves look the same!! And either does the dierent versions of the Bible, but they all give life to the nations.”

So, can you trust the mainline versions of the Bible?
..For the most part, I would say yes. Yes, corporations are mass producing twisted versions. So let your money talk and refuse to buy them. Yes, there are also very “odd” versions like the “Life Application Bible” that is nothing more than a big commentary. But how many copies of a commentary can a publisher sell? So they reformat it to look like a bible and call it one, that way you can still sell it and get your money back.

..But it seems there are groups, coming out all over the world like cockroaches from the corners of the internet as well as lukewarm churches that are now pushing ideas and lies. All designed to break down the confidence of Scripture being the un-altered, complete Word of God.
..They are very easy to identify, they all twist the meaning of scripture and history just like Satan did with Eve in the Garden of Eden. Much of the same words, just mixed in a demonic blender to make it easier to swallow.
..How do you handle these people? Consider this: 1 Cor 15:33 “…Bad company corrupts good morals.” Meaning, don’t put up with them or such nonsense, walk away.
..Matthew 7:15, “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.“ This concept can easily be expanded to any leader or perceived person of authority. If what is being said is not lining up with the Word of God, then its time for you to walk away. Deception is a very powerful, slippery force and even the best of us will find ourselves under its influence from time to time.

Bottom line: walk away.

..There is NO FRIENDSHIP OR RELATIONSHIP that can be lost, that Jesus in His wisdom cannot restore if he feels it is best for us. He is out author and perfecter of our faith. Trust in what He has given and let him do the work. Let the relationship fall into the Lord’s lap, if He wants it restored, he knows how to make it right.
..As for all the true deceivers (not the unknowing ignorant ones who can still be redeemed) who would try to ship wreak your faith. The Angels will gather them all, one day to toss them into a bonfire, sounds harsh, but it’s biblical.


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