A Cold “Nuclear” Morning.

A Better Morning

This morning it was negative 3 degrees, now that its midday and has warmed up to 33, things feel a lot better. I know, however, that’s still far warmer than much of the United States today.

As some of you can tell it’s been a while since I have put out a blog post. But this month has been a tiring month, with moving, ice and snow. I mostly find myself wanting to engage in doing “nothing” at the end of the day.

Had a long talk this morning with a friend from the east coast. Talked over many old issues with my former employer. Current trends in Christianity and the prophetic as well as some dreams the Lord gave both of us. Lots of patterns, things to ponder.

As an example, Jeremiah 23:30 “Therefore,” declares the LORD, “I am against the prophets who steal from one another words supposedly from me.” Nowadays, in the modern prophetic movement, people like to call it “confirmation” when suddenly, after a person gets a word, people jump on the bandwagon with similar words and they declare to be confirmation. In reality, it’s just immaturity wrapped up in a desire for everyone to know your name.

One interesting example that raises my eyebrow is Brother Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj from India. Never really paid attention to the dude until I got some strange reports from people I know who attended one of his meetings in Moravian Falls, North Carolina. Apparently, he got everyone so worked up the women were even repenting for giving birth during the “last days.”

Then a while back, he showed up on the Jim Bakker show with a major prophesy that mesmerized Jim Bakker. As a result, the video found its way to me. He had a lot of dates connected with major upcoming events including a timetable for the destruction of the United States ending in a nuclear war with China and Russia.

Like my friend from the east, I personally have no problem with judgment prophesies. But Mr. Selvaraj’s seemed a “bit off.”

Then many weeks later while doing some research on a totally unrelated topic, I ran across a strange bit of news. A minor internet sensation from 2001 on the Art Bell show.

Art Bell for those of you who do not know had a very late night radio show, where he allowed almost anyone to come and talk about any strange thing out there.

In 2001 a man who claimed his name was John Titor called up claiming to be a time traveler to warn us about things to come. The very interesting part of this crazy story is that this time traveler list of upcoming events matched to a T!!!!!. Brother Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj prophetic narrative, almost word for word. Same years, same dates with the same disasters.

So, who borrowed who’s words?

I say all of this because of the mention of nuclear war was talked about because of a dream I had this week. A short snippet in the middle of the dream included a well known Christian leader, whom the world regards as a prophet. He was standing on the side of street opening doors of cars for military generals who were attending a major gathering inside a building.

The ‘prophet’ who was doing this was performing the job out of a desire to be “seen” and make “points” with these leaders. Most of the generals ignored him and continued on. This spiritual leader, however, leaned over to tell me that, “The rumor is that they are meeting to discuss the new treaty. And you know what that means, we are going to have a nuclear war.” He said almost gleefully as if he was passing on the most important information in the world.

My response in the dream was simple and to the point, “Ya right.” I responded very unbelievingly.

So we discussed the dream, my friend and I. We generally feel that the prophetic community will miss-interpret upcoming events and start declaring nuclear war is about to happen when it’s not.

We also discussed a few other points of dreams and recent events. Including some of the fruit of historical events like the Kansas City Prophets of 26 years ago as well As John Wimber’s involvement in it all.

All in all, I had a lot of respect for John before becoming involved in Morning Star for the last fifteen years. Now that I am out, my respect for John has increased as I see patterns of wisdom in the things he did and tried to do. Wish I could have met the man in real life, not just in prophetic dreams.


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