The Coming Trojan Horse

The Coming Trojan Horse

The Coming Trojan Horse
– An end-times report

..As some of you know I do research on several topics. Looking for patterns, matching it with prophetic stuff either from myself or others. As time passes by, I have learned to see so much of all this stuff interconnected.
One of those subjects that I often watch is archeological in nature. One of the reasons for this is because of Matthew 24: 37-39

  “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man”

..First of all, this is a highly loaded passage with information that many people in the church overlook. But for me, this speaks to a part of the purpose of what I am doing. It connects the idea, that if you’re going to truly understand what is coming then you need to understand the past.
..Back in the ’80s, I became aware, as some of you may have also have become aware, of a man from Texas who worked in the medical industry. This man often would use his money to take his family on miniature archeology vacations in the Middle East. The man quickly built a reputation for finding biblical sites in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, and other places. His evidence was rock solid and the best part, he was led by the Holy Spirit to find these places.

..The Holy Spirit would often just tell him where to go, it was really that simple.
..I remember being astounded at his discoveries in the 1980s and watching the videos of his evidence. The cool part is because of his reputation, The Israeli government often would give him any permit, he wanted on the same day he requested it.
..That man was Ron Wyatt and one of his discoveries which he deliberately talked very little about by request of the Jewish government was the Ark of the Covenant and its location in Israel.
..Ron died in 1999 and sometime after his death, his family released some information about it and other discoveries he had not mentioned before. However, they also, from what I perceive chose to leave some information out.
..Normally I try to wander by and look and see if anything new has unfolded every so often, but with some of the many things going on, this and a few other things were forgotten. Recently the Holy Spirit reminded me to ‘look again.’
..Personally, I wonder if God was getting tired of waiting for me to trip over what he had in store, maybe, maybe not.

..Unfortunately, this information is now three years old. But due to the fact that it seems no one else is talking about this, maybe the time is now. Ron Wyatt did a death bed confession on audio tape to Bill Fry, who has now also passed away. The audio recording is not the greatest quality as Ron was full of pain medication for comfort care before he died.
..In this recording, he talked about one of his many trips underground to the cave the Ark was in. The cave was filled with a lot of rubble, done in an effort to deliberately hide the Ark some 600 years before.
..On the last trip, he planned to start uncovering it. But when he arrived the place was already cleaned, the ark was removed from its stone box and was moved next to the cave wall that glowed like a rainbow as four Angels sat waiting for him.
..As he was covered by the protection of the Blood of Christ, the Angels not only allowed him to touch it but they also allowed him to look inside. It’s here he discovered the crack in the cave ceiling above, and a line of dried blood that obviously once flowed from the crack to drip on the Mercy Seat. He was allowed to take a sample of the blood that he had analyzed. (Blood report below)

..In the conversation between himself and the Angel, it seems to me Ron held back from telling everything.

..But what he did share, is the main point of this letter, here is a partial transcript of what was said;

..Bill Fry: Cause when you told me this before, you know, you told me you took the tables of stone out, and then the angel told you something about the tables of stone?
..Ron Wyatt: Yeah, he told me that it had to do with when these were to be shown to the world.
..Bill Fry: Right.
..Ron Wyatt: Two things were stated; one that if I was faithful I would have the privilege of sharing this, and the second was that when the mark of the beast law was in force, that shortly after that, was when this would take place.
..Bill Fry: Okay.
..Ron Wyatt: And there is a little bit of a conundrum: it wasn’t stated as the mark of the beast law, it was stated, “when the Sunday law,” but I tell people, and I think it’s wiser to tell people that, since it’s not lying or deceiving, that is when the mark of the beast law is in force.
..Bill Fry: Right. But the angel said “Sunday law”
..Apparently, from what I gather when Ron was with the Angel, he heard it as The Sunday Law but also understood in the Spirit that this was the Mark of the Beast Law.
When I heard this on the recording I knew this was a Trojan Horse that was going to be presented to the world and the church would most likely rush headlong into this, even helping to promote it to the world.

The Sunday Law

..A little quick internet research quickly confirmed what got dropped inside of me. Let me condense what is happening and what I perceive will most likely now take place.

..The Pope (why does it always start with this guy?) has been moving around everything he can to create the one world platform for a unified religion for the world. So much so, a recent article even came out stating that he is willing to baptize Aliens from space when they land.
..He has also been the primary force behind the concept of a worldwide Sunday Law requiring everyone to not work on Sunday. This, according to him would be good for the soul and help economic productivity worldwide. And the heads of the other religions, he has been meeting with have basically agreed to this, at least in concept.
..Here in the US, several news agencies CBS, ABC, Fox have all ran news pieces over the last year promoting this concept and more than one US and state senators is now talking about making a national law “requiring” everyone to attend a church on Sunday!!!

..That mean’s you can’t just take the day off, you could get fined $$$ for not showing up.

..That also means you will need to be registered so that they know you are attending.

..This is a Trojan Horse and I am willing to bet the church will dive in head first. Why shouldn’t it, mandatory attendance, increased offerings think about it. Since the majority of people in the United States are not attending anything. That will (in my estimation) will result in a large movement of finances at the bank to afford the commercial building boom that will follow.

..So here is how I see this playing out. (Yes, it could play out in other ways, this is just what I am seeing)

  • Sunday law is enacted with the celebration and praise of the church. (P.S. Remember, every time in history the church plays the political game we lose)
  • The law will contain a “No Competition Clause” meaning you cannot convert a person from (as an example) Hindu or Muslim groups to Jesus because that would negatively affect that congregations financial tithes.
  • Some sort of event happens. Christians are viewed in a very negative light, possibly because many will stand for the truth that Jesus is the only way.
  • A court ruling (most likely after protests) will result in various Christian groups being targeted because they will not stop converting members of other faiths. That church or denomination will now be officially disbanded by law and the people inside will be re-registered to a new faith. If you do not show up at your new house of worship, then you will be fined or jailed.
  • After that, you can expect several things. The real church will go underground as it converts into house churches. People will leave house’s, jobs and even families during the night by order of the Holy Spirit to relocate to safer locations. The main line bigger churches will be faced with either becoming a “State church” and preaching the official line, thereby become an apostate church. Or, become outlaws and forcibly disbanded.

But what about….?
..I know right now in America, many are highly excited at what great strides the President is making in destroying the Deep State. And many of us on this side of the fence get our information one way or another from the Q network. The general impression is that it’s all getting better and smooth sailing is ahead for us all.
..Sorry, but I really feel this is just a moment of grace for us all that the Lord has provided. If you have read the book of Revelation, then you should know what is around the corner.
..So as a result, I have been expecting at some point the Deep State will strike back. And this Trojan Horse may be at least one of the ways it will do that.
..So now is the days to prayerfully consider what’s next for you and your family. Don’t buy the lie that many teachers are now teaching, that everything in the book of revelation was symbolic or has already passed away in church history. That is a doctrine of demons designed to keep your guard down.
Matthew 5:18 For most certainly, I tell you, until heaven and earth pass away, not even one smallest letter or one tiny pen stroke shall in any way pass away from the law until all things are accomplished

FYI, included below are several links for you.
Ron Wyatt death bed confession.
The Analysis of Christ Blood. 
Biblical evidence of the blood on the mercy seat.

..Also, here is a separate story that I am including, Ron mentioned this in his testimony. And I am cutting and pasting it here for you to read.

..“Here Ron Wyatt is referring to six Israeli men who, dressed up in white clothing as Levite priests, they went into the chamber to take out the Ark, presumptuously assuming they possessed Holy authority to move the Ark or even touch it.
..They did not come back out! So the presumably religious Jewish authorities then had to send for Christian Ron Wyatt, who was at home in Tennessee, because he was the only living person who had ever been inside and had actually touched the Ark and survived!
There had been one other man, from Ron’s Arab excavation, a helper who had actually discovered the chamber, however, soon after he had crawled in he came back out as fast as he could, totally freaked out, because of something he had seen inside, he then quit helping right there and then.

..So Ron flew to Israel and went inside the chamber where he found all six men dead and cross-eyed! ( presumably related to death by stroke!)
..This was never published at the time and completely hushed up, but the Israelis sure learned quickly not to mess with God’s Holy Ark. As in the Old Testament, King David learned when one of his helpers touched the rocking Ark to stabilize it and was instantly struck dead.
..Ron put the six bodies in baskets and they pulled them out one by one. After that, the entrance to the tunnel was closed off and sealed with concrete, as it presumably remains until today! An amazing account, proving again that the Israelis are definitely not the Chosen People by race, as it is now, fully by grace for any race!
..Ron Wyatt was allowed by the angels to touch it, as he was an ordinary saved sinner, forgiven for his sins by receiving Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross! Have you?”

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