Bad Compost

Hay   Just wanted to pass along some information that I thought some of you might find to be very helpful in your garden.

  A few years ago, my wife and I were taking classes through the University of Washington State to become certified Master Gardeners. The program had taken a major surprise in its own test garden when suddenly many things would not grow, or they just outright died. So, long story as short as I can make it, after a lot of testing they tracked it down to their homemade compost, it was contaminated. Continue reading



By, Robert A. Foster

By, Robert A. Foster

Abdication and the Human Enhancement Revolution.

By Robert A. Foster

Is the act of walking away from one’s responsibilities that were put under their care. This is when a monarch, such as a King or Queen gives up or relinquished his or her office and power.

Sometimes an elderly person in authority will step aside so that a younger person like a prince may become King. But if that person is not ready or there is no replacement, chaos is often the result. Resulting in a power vacuum where everything now suffers.

Much of the earth now suffers because the rightful God-given authority over it has been abdicated. It has been replaced with systems that look good, but are just as dangerous to it as any poison.

Genesis – The Beginning.

To understand what has happened, we need to look at what was given. Continue reading