East – West

As I lay here in the dark of the night,
searching for sleep that I never find.
Hours now tic by, looking just like the last one flying on by.
Cascading waves of tumbled thoughts,
compete for the right to seize my mind.

Friends of the East, friends of the West
Troubled concerns take away the best. Continue reading

Good and Bad Fruit

Good &Bad

A few years ago, maybe three or four I remember having a conversation with a few guys. In time the subject rolled around to exorcism (casting out demons) I listened for a while as they talked how it was a needed ministry, few were doing it and that this needs to dealt with in a very biblical manner because many of gotten off track with it.

Without even think about what I was about to say I opened my mouth and just said a thing or two without really pondering the outcome.

Me: “Well Continue reading