Getting in Shape

Getting in Shapeimg_1161
  Been waiting a while to do this, something fun. But weather and events kept kicking the starting date for this further down the road.
  Almost a year ago we left our east coast jobs and trekked back out west. Landing for now in Wyoming, friends encouraged us to take the one month Carnivore diet challenge. Really, it’s more like an elimination diet than what most people think it is.
  As a result, we started dropping pounds like crazy. But winter was around the corner and I have never been any good at what I feel to be pointless exercising in a room. To me, it does not feel like I am doing anything but lifting the same stupid thing over and over again.
Garden Creek trail
  Today my wife, Kathy and I started something more my speed. With a more permanent turn in the weather, we started hiking a local trail. With Kathy now sixty pounds less and I just over seventy. I put my Franks, ground-pounder boots on and we started up the very steep, aggressive trail.
  The trail starts at just over 6,300 feet elevation and according to the information provided, the highest point is just under 8,000 at one point.
  Since we now weigh less, the hike did not kill us off as much as it would have last year.
   I won’t lie, it was rugged, steep with loose jagged rocks. But still, they added to the experience as most of them were covered with various color shades of lichen and interesting flowers along the path that Kathy took pictures of.

  There were several open areas in the lower elevation, just before entering the older pine timber forest.

What’s next?
  Well, as I said the trail was aggressive. Did we finish? Not a chance. The rugged climb pulling hard on our lungs is not something I have personally experienced in thirty years since Hannegan pass trail in Washington State.
 So, unless the weather is an issue or we need to get something done, our plan is to gear up once a week in the morning and use this trail to start getting us back into shape.
 How far did we get? A half mile and our legs are shaky.

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