East – West

As I lay here in the dark of the night,
searching for sleep that I never find.
Hours now tic by, looking just like the last one flying on by.
Cascading waves of tumbled thoughts,
compete for the right to seize my mind.

Friends of the East, friends of the West
Troubled concerns take away the best.

Moments pass, the hours a mass.
Sleeplessness gives me just no pass.

So I change gears and toss words up to the sky
Like a child’s paper airplane, hoping soon to fly.

Concern over shanghaied lives,
distractions that bring death, not life.
Clouds of promise providing no rain out of the sky.
Hopeless Church systems, exchange life for a lie.

Friends of the east, friends of the west
He came to give life abundant,
Not some crumbling old nest.

But one friend is now gone,
never to be seen on this earth again.
resting now on a far finer shore.

Others settle…….. in nests of clay,
Allowing Illusions of promise to guard them thinking it best.

One said, “Sometimes you just need to embrace the darkness”
Giving in,
fellowshipping with shadows and demons of the dark.
Do you not know,
have you not heard?
“What fellowship can light have with darkness?”

Did your awaited promises take to long,
that you should consider another road?
Do you not see O’ girl,
the pit you now drag your little family to?

Friends of the east, friends of the west
The land is littered with broken church nests,
Eagles no longer rest in those old nests.

There Nicolaitan wine skins have cracked,
Like there Pergamum cousins of old.
Seeking little kingdoms to call their own.

Powerless leaders sit on gilded haystack thrones.
Why do you still watch them, why do you endorse?
There is no test here for you to endure.
Seize the day, the door is yours
The Heart of the Father gives Grace for the best.

Powerless little thrones,
Puffed up, paper thin, Nothing but an artificial wind.
Newage teachings,
wrapped up in Charismatic teachings.
Watered down prophetic,
For the Nicolaitan dog and pony show parade.

Friends of the east, friends of the west.
You are not living in the best.
This my friends,
you were born for better.

Loneliness should not drive your quest.
For wisdom and righteousness both speak of this.
Even Mr. Mullins sang of this:
“This Life has shown me how we’re mended and how we’re torn,
How it’s okay to be lonely as long as your free.”

For it is said, “fortune favors the bold,”
and “the violent take it by force.”
So may you violently take your freedom by force.
It all still rests,
in the open hand of the Giver of Life.
Is there really any other choice?

Friends of the east, friends of the west
“Wisdom calls out in the street, she lifts her voice in the square”

The life given was not meant to be so bare.
For the empty nests contain the Emperor’s new clothes,
the real Laodicean lie.

Buy, buy “gold refined in the fire, so you can become rich;
and white clothes to wear,
so you can cover your shameful nakedness;
and salve to put on your eyes…”

Friends of the east, friends of the west
Just as the Physical often proceeds the Spiritual,
I asked a question of Q, and the Army said it best.
Removed from there thrones, both high and low,
The corrupt and twisted shall not be given rest

P.S. Watch and listen to the Video below


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