Hello everybody,
So as I sit here writing this end of the year post. It’s around nine degrees outside and I am enjoying the “Cageless Birds” instrumental album on Spotify. So for your enjoyment, I have included a link “The Joy of the Chase”

I know that the posts have been a bit lean during the holiday season, but that is mostly in part to me putting in extra hours over this season. In January things, like most businesses slow down so I am expecting to write and send out several posts.

2018 has been an interesting year with many changes. For the most part during the short five-year history of this blog, I have ignored it. With posting a few, here and there. With a random subscriber jointing from time to time. I even at one point considering shutting it down. But then last spring, suddenly people started subscribing at what became a very consistent rate.

A bit taken back by the sudden interest in a neglected blog, I started asking the Lord about it. And I realized He was building a platform. Knowing that my soon coming transition away from the MorningStar ministry system was growing closer. I soon realized what he was building it for, a chance to tell a story to open a door and cast a little light.
But I’ve spoken enough on that subject, so let’s move on.

So, what’s coming in 2019? Well, I expect to finish my project on the science behind the Carnivore diet. As well as wrap up the “Waiting for the Sonrise.” I got some foodstuff, political stuff, prophetic stuff and depending on many, as of yet undisclosed factors, hopefully, some travel stuff to write.

And yea, a poem or two as filler. Not to mention I am totally sure I will continue to make myself unpopular in various corners of the church world. But that’s alright, it’s kinda been the road I’ve been on for the last 30 plus years. Does not mean I am always right, but at least I make people think.

So, how much did the blog enlarge in 2018?
. In the last five months, it has grown by 48.34%
. 64 subscribers
. 1500 views compared to 268 last year.
. 932 visitors compared to 228 last year.

Top 20 posts.
1. To all the Old Roads.
2. Whatcom Co. Prophetic
3. An Update from Earth & Sky
4. The Mosaic
5. Report: The Carnivore Diet
6. Carnivore Diet Update
7. Foundations
8. Goodby to Goshen
9. Crazy Stuff
10. Apart of Me
11. The Gary Havens – Ghost of a King
12. Food for Thought
13. What have we become?
14. My Self
15. Change my World
16. Into the Pathetic and Back
17. Whispering Winds
18. Kill Devil Hills
19. Another Vision from the past
20. Seize the Day.

Top Countries
1. USA
2. China
3. Ireland – (never had Ireland on this list before)
4. UK
5. Canada
6. Switzerland
7. India
8. Romania
9. Australia
10. France
 {Note: to whoever is reading this in Ireland on such a regular basis. Drop me a line, I would love to hear from you!}


Most have come through Facebook, Pinterest, and regular search engines.

So you can expect more of the same kind of subjects. But personally, I am hoping this will all be a foundation for more in 2018. What do you want to see? Is there anything you have read that you think should be expanded on?

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