Seize the Day


  {This is a dream I heard about thirty years ago, that I was told at that time it was attributed to the great missionary Hudson Taylor. Hudson was highly concerned about bringing the Word of God to the people of China. In his dream: Hudson found himself standing on a wooden board in the middle of a great ocean. Scared to turn or step away, the Lord told him to take a step forward. As he did so in obedience a board appeared before his foot. Continuing the motion forward, he soon found boards disappearing behind him as new boards appearing right before he needed them.

  Out of this dream, Hudson realized the Lord would provide his needs, only right before he needed it. -a good lesson to learn here.}


Due to recent events, a dream I had in March of 2017  has come back to me and it seems to me the Lord is saying this message still needs to be taken seriously. I will add some comments and observations at the end to help bring a few things into context.

FYI, this dream concerns the spiritual conditions of the ministry I worked for, my former employer.



  Everyone in the atrium was getting seated for the message that was about to be given. It was to be delivered by video projection, so no one was on stage. After a moment or so they then called for the lights to be turned off so that we all could see the screen.

  Everything went dark, darker than normal, even the outside daylight from the lakeside windows did not penetrate far into the room. I can not under-describe the level of profound darkness in the atrium that surrounded everyone. The music for the video started up and we all sat there in eager expectation, awaiting the image on the screen, but it did not come.

  After a while, I realized there was something I needed to do, so I got up and left. After a while I came back later and found that nothing had changed. Same music with no picture and everyone waiting around in eager expectation, just waiting. So I turned around and looked up at the projector and realized that it was projecting, but the light from it did not make it more than a few feet into the atrium before being absorbed into the darkness.

  So after sitting down and I realized my eyes had now adjusted somewhat to the limited light that the darkness did not eat and I could see that on one side of the stage someone had spilled water on the floor. Suddenly I found that I had a mop in my hand. So I decided, as it was dark, I could clean it up and the few people seated would not see me.

  As I was cleaning the spill I realized I saw several people running around with T-shirts that said, “Seize the Day.” Then suddenly Heidi Baker stood up with a microphone in the crowd, looked at me and said, “Robert, Seize the Day is a message.”

  I turned around from mopping with my own microphone now in my hand and responded back. “Oh yes, it an old song from Carolyn Arends who is from Vancouver BC.

  The song says, Seize the day, seize whatever you can. ‘Cause life slips away just like hourglass sand. Seize the day, pray for grace from God’s hand, Then nothing will stand in your way. Seize the day.

  People now is the time, you can not gamble with the time you have left. Some of you have been called to other places and things and it’s time for you to leave. You can not wait any longer.

  Some have been called to the missions field, others to start your own ministry. So go, now there is nothing left for you here to see.”

  At that point, I realized the only people who could hear me were the people who were wearing the T-shirts over there hearts.

  Realizing there was nothing left for me here as well, I started to walk away and then, Pastor “R” tried to stop me. With a little anger within me I rebuked him, I said, ” The Lord rebuke you, I would rather spend the rest of my life binding up the broken hearted that YOU HAVE FAILED TO DO. Then to spend the rest of my life rubbing shoulders with the worlds elite.”

  Turning away from him I found a young woman in distress and tears, sitting on the floor trying to put a broken teapot back together. She asked me to help her so that she could leave.

  Taking a broom, I swept it all in a bag and handed it to her, and said “Now is not the time for this. Once you get to where you’re going you can put it back together there.”

End of Dream.

  Quite often we fall out of the realm of thinking concerning Sonship, and back into the mindset of a servant or a slave. John 15:15 (NIV) “I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you.”

  This shows up the most when deciding direction or big life choices in many peoples lives. We have seen way too many people become paralyzed with the attitude of needing to pray for direction in every little area of their lives. Let me be blunt if you have been praying for a long time as to what direction you need to go and you feel like your not getting an answer. Chances are He already gave the answer to you. Wake up and move.

  Many people have gotten prophetic dreams, visions and words about where the Lord wants them to go. But as the old Petra song says, “Waters never part until your feet get wet.” Or as an old trusted prophetic friend who passed away not that long ago said to me. “The Lord says your an adult, act like one and make a decision.”

  This dream highlights many things, things that should be obvious to most readers. However, I want to draw out a few obvious points.

1. This ministry is no longer a healthy environment for it’s people.

2. Water often a symbol for the word. The care of the Word had landed on the floor to be trampled by men Matthew 5:13 “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.”

3. Light could not be found.

4. People were mesmerized into believing great things were about to happen that would never come.

5. Only people who carried the message, “Seize the day” over there hearts could hear the message. All other hearts had become hard.

6. In the Seize the Day song, One of the lines says; “Cause life slips away just like hourglass sand” Life is literally slipping away and at some point, the sand will run out. If you’re going to pray for something, pray for the grace you need as you take action. { observation; I have noticed a lot of people, who after leaving this ministry, there lives, health and employment have improved. Anotherwords; staying will endanger you. Remember mold is symbolic of Sin, and what is currently, rapidly growing everywhere in the building? }

7. The ministry of binding up the brokenhearted is one of the central parts of Christian ministry. Historically self-centered ministries that who do not engage in some way with this basic reality have put an expiration date on themselves. The Lord has spoken his judgment on this issue. And from what I have come to understand, I am not the first to deliver this message.

8. Teapot. We want everything to be correct and put everything together before we move. That’s not always the case. These are the days just to pick up what you have and deal with unfinished issues when you get to where you going.

  A long time ago my wife and I were wondering about making a long distance move. Eventually, a word came from an unlikely source hundreds of miles away in Kansas. He said, “You are a person who wants all there ducks in a row. The Lord says you don’t get that this time. It’s time for you to move out!”

  Too many people are looking for “signs” before they move. Maybe a big financial windfall, the ship to come in or some other thing. You need to reform your thinking process.

Question: The direction you’re about to go, is it unbiblical?

Question: Is it morally wrong?

Question: Do you have anything from the Lord as a warning not to do it?

  If any of the answers are yes, then you have your answer. If not then start moving forward giving the Lord the option to stop you if this is wrong.

  Using this as a guide, I have moved forward on many things and seen the blessing of the Lord flow as a result. All the while watching many Christians sit paralyzed for months and years waiting for a “door to open.” Don’t get me wrong, I still talk to the Lord about doors. I just don’t keep begging in front of them. If you got green lights then the gas peddle is under your foot and you get to pick the day of your exit.


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