Kill Devil Hills

Kill Devil Hills, NC
This morning I woke up to a picture that as soon as I saw it I realized it was a sign that the Lord was displaying.

Kill Devil Hills
(FYI: this will be a short blog post.)

Several people had already seen this image before me and considered it a sign or a prophetic word.

The image you are seeing is the after effects of Hurricane Florence in Kill Devil Hills North Carolina. The monument at the top of the hill is the Wright Brothers memorial. Currently, this large and growing crack is at 400 feet.

Knowing that Florence was a demonically powered storm that the Lord was going to use.
“Watch as God uses the physical storms to highlight those who are preaching this false gospel.” – Jeremiah Johnson

With that in mind, I quickly realized that the monument on the top was most likely not point of this prophetic symbol/warning.

So let me take you on a little journey of discovery for your own consideration.
In 1728, William Byrd of Virginia, hardly a fan of Carolinians, wrote that “Most of the Rum they get in this Country comes from New England, and is so bad and unwholesome, that it is not improperly called ‘Kill-Devil,’ and there is a story that the ship loaded with this ‘Kill-Devil Rum’ was wrecked opposite the sand hills, thus accounting for the name.”

Kill devil hill apparent soon became known as a smugglers hold for rum.

This bit of historical information caused me to remember that one of the key players in today’s world is a prophetic pastor in the Carolinas who is not only a relative of the pirate Black Beard but according to some, he has also promoted a culture of alcoholism that is spreading into other ministries.

So with is information I started a much more in-depth look at any historical information.

Limiting my search to within 40 miles of Kill Devil Hills here is a few historical facts.

1. During the days of the National Prohibition Act. This area gained the notoriety of being the largest distributor in the United States of MoonShine.

2. This is the 300th. Year anniversary of Black Beards death (Nov 21, 1718)

Obviously, at least in my mind. The Lord is pointing a finger at a larger spiritual issue hidden within. This gate of hell has been around for a long time and is often protected by “a culture” within the church.

Is He (the Lord) just highlighting the issue for all to see? Or is he about to break the ground/foundation in which the false teacher trust? Or is it a joining of both?


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