Paper Tigers


Paper Tiger is defined as “one that is outwardly powerful or dangerous, but inwardly weak or ineffectual.”

Blog warning: I am going to get blunt! If you don’t like blunt, then don’t read this. Yes!, this is a rant.

In my last thirty, some odd years of Christianity one of my biggest pet peeves that have always motivated me were Status Quo. I first ran into it in the very first church I was in. After six months of a traditional Baptist church, I was more than ready to move on. Far as I could tell I had made a wrong turn and this church thing was a walking joke, social club of words and good intent.

Then we and the pastor encountered the power of the Holy Spirit via John Wimber. Everything changed as I realized God was very real. He (God) impacted in my life with many things that I saw and experienced changing everything I knew. To see body parts replaced, blind people’s vision restored, Cancerous lumps go smooth suddenly before me. To walk up to a person you never knew and suddenly know their entire history without words being spoken can have a serious effect on a young man’s life.

From this encounter and others that followed I quickly realized the problem was the people, not God.

This infused life abundantly within our local Baptist church as we accelerated with a purpose in the things we felt the Lord was showing us. In my, and most likely everyone else’s spiritual immaturity we did not understand that with each passing day things were slowing down. Or even what the cause of the problem was that was reducing things to a crawl. Eventually, many left the church as things slowly over the years returned to its former condition.

In time, the Lord arranged meetings with many key people from those former days. I interviewed them and finally came to an understanding of many of the hidden demonic components that finally broke the destiny that was meant to come from that church.

Moving on, over the years I have seen many things come and go now into the church from the vantage point of several churches in different regions of the United States. Our last assignment laid some of the most profound lessons for us as we were sent to a major ministry that for over a decade we would have gladly endorsed to anyone who asked. And the fact is, for me, even after being on staff for a few years I overlooked many of its flaws and would still have endorsed it.

But the last few years changed all that. The Lord started peeling away the veil that covered my eyes…and the image was appalling.

This blog post is entitled “Paper Tigers” because as my eyes have been opened not only to the issues within this ministry but also to the church at large.
Church, what have we become?

I am not even sure where to start on this issue, due to its all-encompassing gross nature. A few brave leaders have spoken on the issue. And there are is some days I simply can not stand to see what I see, so I guess like the few seers that are looking and speaking, I need to add my voice and speak on it as well.

I have come to the thinking that without Integrity, Honor, and Compassion at the center of what we do, we are all playing house with paper dolls.

When evil within the church is found and someone speaks up or tries to deal with it, we are told to “pray about it.” Another word, and let me be very blunt about this.

They are saying, “Sit down and shut up so that evil will continue” is what is really being said. When did we ever see the Lord Jesus or the Apostles take that kind of action by telling people to “Pray about it.” The biblical response was to take action and deal with the evil head-on.

By disarming the warriors of the church and telling them that “true warriors” only pray, is not only unbiblical it’s moronic.

The Bible is full of examples of true warriors, men, and women of action. Read Hebrews eleven and the book of acts. These are books of action, stories meant to encourage and lay the foundation for future warriors.

Many people pray for healing, and except for various pockets found in some places. Most of us see extremely little results nowadays. We have become a body of secretly discontent singers, dancers and pew sitters who have been trained to accept the show of modern church life. All the while the 21st. Century has become the bloodiest time for church martyrs.

Orphaned children increase in the world as we believe the lie of population control with twisted beliefs of self-preservation. As a result, the church does not reclaim its God-given destiny to bring orphans in and give them a home. The early church knew and understood this mandate from Heaven as they took newborn children down from the “exposure” walls in the Roman cities and raised them as their own.

The commandment to pray for the sick and SEE THEM BECOME WELL. Has been traded in at the altar of “good doctrine” and the fear of it effecting the church offerings. When did the image of the church become so high and mighty be lifted up, so that we ignore the basic commands of the Lord?

How many today could even write down the basic commands and teaching of Jesus without looking them up. Few I think.

Spiritual discernment has often been traded in for the group consensus. Allowing leaders of low spiritual discernment to overrule seasoned prophetic people.

I once heard a story of a powerful prophetic intercession group with a reputation for praying and turning storms away from the United States. After some time, forest fires started up in various places in the east. They inquired of the Lord as to why there were so many fires. His answer was simple, “Not all storms are evil. I sent the storms to water the land. And now the trees cry out to me in thrust.” They realized that God was, “in the whirlwind” at times and they needed to learn to seek God first. The group consensus to challenge all the storms prevailed even though some of the group felt that this might not be the right action.

We have become a body of paper tigers, church life, relegated to the understanding and watered down with teaching and managing concepts from the world.

We set aside the Power and the Compassion of God for another day as we accept the concepts and teaching of a feeble spiritual life. Disarmed and toothless we play with paper dolls and pocket knives in a self-generated world of illusions.

Do you realize EVERY TIME the Lord felt compassion in the scriptures he did something? He did not stop to pray about, he acted on the compassion. Compassion itself was the green light to go forward.

Don’t misunderstand what I am saying prayer is good as a LIFESTYLE. But it was never meant to replace action in the Bible. Always defaulting to prayer when the word is clear on what needs to be done is cowardice.

To compound the problem, many leaders at the senior levels of the larger ministries has become a whitewashed fence. As Jesus said, “they are full of dead men’s bones.” Having secret lives that would make much blush. Some have wandered off into shame things, that many of today’s Catholic Bishops are getting arrested for. The gospel of self-sacrifice has been replaced with something that looks more like a multi-level marking plan with them benefiting at the top of the food chain. This will shock many as they will soon be exposed by the Lord.

Back in the day of the late 1980’s, there were several prophetic online groups like Rivermail, The Prophetic Underground and others. I wish I still had a copy of a major prophetic word that came out during that time. But I think I am now seeing the fulfillment of it.

From what I recall it said this:
Basically, the charismatic world would grow, with powerfully anointed leaders. Then one by one the Lord would confront them about their hidden sins and rebellion. Unrepentant they continued. So the Lord declared them before the body of Christ to be Saul’s. Many people woke up, but the Saul-like leaders and those under them began persecuting them, even killed them. In time, from the ranks of the persecuted rose up Gods anointed Davids who replaced the Sauls and then the Body prospered.

This was a powerful word back in the day that many could not accept emotionally back then. Because it offended their understanding of a “meek and mild Jesus,” that was all loving. But our acceptance does not neuter the raw power of the Lord from doing what he wants.

And that is most likely is one of the reasons so many ministries are quietly trying to disarm the basic reality of the Book of Revelation. They don’t want to scare away the people because the tithe will go down.

So many crazy things are being said by senior leaders today that it blows my mind. As a result, it really rings in my mind with the words of Jesus when he said, “even the elect would be deceived”. The restoration of Honor, Integrity, and Compassion really needs to be moved to the forefront as the Davids will arise in the future.

Because the Paper Tigers can be rearmed with understanding, vision, and zeal.
May the Tigers came become Eagles.



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