In the Whirlwind


A former Pastor of mine in the 1980’s wrote the following in his resignation letter:

“I am giving my resignation letter now as I have seen what happens to a congregation when a pastor outstays his commission.”

My point in bringing this up is when the Lord has lifted His grace for you at your current assignment, it’s time to move on. Staying beyond your appointed time only increases the difficulty afterward. Many people stay longer than needed for a variety of personal reasons, but in the end, these human miscalculations only come at a high cost.

Twenty-nine years ago Hurricane Hugo came crashing into the Carolina coast over the Old PTL buildings in Fort Mill. This was apart of a prophetic signaling of the end of a ministry the Lord had to bring down.

Although many lives were changed and the positive benefits of that ministry continue to this day to bless the area. A darkness was spreading underfoot that the Lord needed to correct.

Today another storm of great power, Florence seems to be retracing Hugo’s old path. This highly unpredictable storm is marching with demonic precision, possibly to the very same location.

It’s been my position from some time that Florence will be the symbol of the coming house cleaning needed within the body of Christ. Consider this older post from Jeremiah Johnson about these coming storms.

“Watch as God uses the physical storms to highlight those who are preaching this false gospel.”

The name “Florence” is tied to blessing. And the harsh cleaning that is coming to the body will bring a blessing of freedom.

When researching this I was struck by the fact that almost to the day of Hurricane Florence twenty-nine years ago was Hugo who in some peoples mind signaled the spiritual end of PTL. When I saw this the following scripture came to me Proverbs 29:1 and I realized how hard this ending will be for the leaders who will not bend.

“Whoever remains stiff-necked after many rebukes
will suddenly be destroyed—without remedy.”


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