Waiting for the Sonrise, part two

Sonrisepart 2

  In the past blogs, I have not really dived into the “nut & bolts” of the Carnivore diet. In truth, this diet is not really a diet, but its part detox and part a way of life. As we transition into the latter half of our second month of this all meat diet. We now have noticed not only the continual slow and steady weight loss but we are also seeing the larger health benefits.

 To date, both my wife and I are reducing our home regiment of supplements as our health becomes more inline. I am down to about one-third of what I once took to manage my Thyroid and my wife’s high blood pressure is steadily falling in line with acceptable numbers.

  In the last few weeks, we have heard many stories of people with major health issues, who in time have seen exciting turnarounds. One story I read was of a woman around ten years ago who came down with limes disease. It destroyed her employment as a marathon runner and personal trainer. Weak and tired she relegated herself to online help and book writing.

  Eight months ago after trying a life as a Vegan, she jumped into all meat of Carnivore. She watched her life slowly change, and as of last week, she now has enough energy to start lifting weights once more. She feels that it will not be long until running will return to her lifestyle. All in all, she can now dream again of the day of being fully normal once more.

  The panic of the health industry slowly becoming noticed as people start tugging on this house of cards.

  It was said best in a former episode of the “Big Bang Theory” a few years back when the character Bernadette who works in the drug industry said the following, “Speak for yourself, my research team just invented and cured restless eye syndrome. Kaching ya blinky chumps!”

  Although a funny concept in the show, the idea of scientists inventing new diseases just to make money off the cure is deeply unsettling and sociopathic in nature.

  Is there big money in the drug world? Yes, here is an example from last spring in Ireland.

  “The ink is still drying on the contracts for Japan’s Takeda Pharmaceutical’s acquisition of Dublin-based Shire for about $62.2 billion…” – BioSpace.com May 2018

  Later in the article, it is stated that “The acquisition total is closer to $80 billion.”

  This is just one company among many of the trillions and trillions of dollars this industry generates. This industry also has a long list of whistleblowers. From these courageous warriors of conscience, many dark unsettling behind the door facts have come forth including a phrase that is now becoming way to common in many circles, “Five by fifty”

  5X50 refers to the apparent goal of the drug industry to have every person on at least five different prescription drugs by the age of 50. This kind of sad, dark thinking is simply a form of enslavement by a powerful demonic system.

  This well engineered demonic system is linked arm in arm with the corporate food industry for the mass production of high yield, low quality food that is devoid of true health benefits. Many lesser foods are pushed as “healthy” in mass quantity and protected by militant Veganism.

  Farmers no longer save seed from past crops to plant field as mass amounts of “cheap seed” is provided to them by the corporate food giants like Monsanto. As a result, the “bar” of quality continually keeps getting lowered. And in many places, they are trying to make it a crime for smaller farmers to “save seed.”

  The few studies that have been allowed to surface not show that many of the modern day leafy plants now contain an internal chemical self-defense system. That once it is harvested, the released chemical in the human digestion system makes digestion harder to achieve. Many people who are unknowingly sensitive to this chemical are falsely believing there is something wrong with them when things like lettuce come out undigested. This is a clue we have all been trained to misinterpret as a sign of bad digestive health.

  But not all plants are currently like that. Plants that produce fruit are wanting things to eat the fruit as a way of getting the seeds out to create new plants. Case in point would the bear that raided our plum trees in the 1980’s. The seeds passed through his digestion system unharmed and planted themselves all over our forest.

  One of the best examples dirt cheap food that is often “pushed” towards the poor is Ramen noodles. Sold as an inexpensive quick food that anyone, even on the strictest budget can afford. Is, in reality, none of the stealthiest they have slipped into the human population.

  Taking a very long time to digest it is a delivery agent for Tertiary Butyl Hydroquinone (TBHQ). TBHQ seems to significantly lower a persons absorption of things like protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, vitamin A, niacin, and vitamin C.

  As exposure continues the following effects have been recorded by researchers.

• Reduction of the liver’s ability to process toxins.

• Positive environment for cell mutation (cancer is a mutation)

• Negative effects of reproduction.

• Eating regularly twice a week increases blood pressure.

• Eating regularly three increases your risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

  Sadly this is not the only place you will find TBHQ that you can come in contact with. Look at the following list.

  McDonalds’s chicken nuggets, Kellogg’s CHEEZ-IT crackers, Reese’s peanut butter cups, Wheat Thins crackers, Teddy Grahams, Red Baron frozen pizza and Taco Bell beans. As well as common varnishes, lacquers, and pesticide products, cosmetics and perfumes.

  Ramen Noodles is just one of the long list of products marketed to the public. If you do your research, you will find more. At this point, it should also be noted that TBHQ is a poison. If you consume more than 5 grams of it, your life WILL COME to a sudden ending.

  It’s come to the point, a person could basically take the modern food pyramid and flip it upside down. And then rip out anything connected with grain products and sugars. Because of all the things we have been taught about food is upside down. I am amazed how many things that have been sold to us as “bad and “good” are in reality the opposite.

  Animal fats mixed in the right proportion with meat protein liquifies soon after eating and helps to become a fat burner. I can attest to this as well as thousands of other people who are living this Carnivore lifestyle. If you eat lean meat (as the food industry wants) it often has no real benefit. This is but one of the many things people have been learning.

What happens in week one?

  Week one of going strictly all meat can sometimes be rough for people as they often come down with flu like systems. This is the die off of billions of yeast organisms within your body that feeds off carbohydrates and the sugars they produce. As they die off, people often realize things are starting to change quickly within there systems.

1. Joint flexibility increases as yeast organisms have now died that mildly inflamed the tissues.

2. People often feel less bloated (yeast die off)

3. They take fewer painkillers (yeast die off)

4. Brain fog starts to lift (rise of Ketones to feed the brain)

5. Mild weight loss.

Week two

   Your body is now starting the process of correcting itself.

1. Bigger weight loss numbers take place as water weight stored in your fat cells is released.

2. Brain fog fades into the past as clearer thinking becomes normal.

3. Emotional stability starts to become established as your body now starts to correct hormone levels.

4. Emotional stability promotes the ability to be at peace.

5. Better sleep.

Week three

1. A general feeling of increase of strength, less doubting yourself as you notice you can now lift things better.

2. Trips to the bathroom decrease (at this point make sure you are taking a daily dose of magnesium)

3. What few trips to the bathroom you do have may come out of a “sudden need.” What you are feeling is the detox process of your system naturally dumping unneeded chemicals and toxins.

  And the process of getting healthier just continues from there as your body starts to get the building blocks it’s been starving to find. Tissues rebuild, cells get stronger, toxins are naturally dumped, organs and hormones get what they need. But how does this apply to a larger picture?

  John 8:32 “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

  One of the better prophetic words a friend of our got from the Lord years ago was, “I have made the body to heal its self.” I have always kept that in mind as I realized that at some point if a body got what was needed, it would “self-correct” to the original design the Lord had made for it.

  Although this carnivore way of living is bringing forth dramatic results, part of me still believes God has yet another level he will unveil in the future for our health. Carnivore is just a major step away from the world of lies and distractions.

  If, as it says in scripture that the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. And if it’s true as scriptures say that, “…the whole world is under the control of the evil one.” Then why should we believe that the world healthcare information has our best interests?


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