Waiting for the Sonrise, part one

Sonrise dog

  As stated in my previous post, “Ink on the page” this is an introductory part of a going series. The quote I used blog post is to me the most on target. It came from the first Lord of the Rings movie when Galadriel was speaking at the intro to the movie.

  “The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost; for none now live who remember it.“

   Much of the Rings movies is extremely symbolic of the age we now find ourselves in. Many of the now famous quotes like Gandalf speaking to Frodo is oddly the question that will face most of the church during this age as we gear up for our own personal and corporate last battles

  “I wish it need not have happened in my time said Frodo, ‘So do I,’ Said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

  So, do you feel the change? Do you watch the world around you and feel somewhere deep down within you a change has taken place that has a hard time describing?

  Many do and are starting to speak up about it.

  An even larger group, I think feel the same but have said nothing for there own personal fears of being correct. As I said before, there is a universal SOS or wake up call that even the non-Christians are now hearing.

  And that is the point of the next several blog posts. I am hoping to display some “things” that do not fit within the narrative our world is teaching. All in the hope of a few people waking up from the dangerous slumber we now find ourselves in.

  This first post is a sampling of some of the issues that I will try diving deeper into. So hopefully this will cause you to ponder and reflect as I slowly hack away at some of the foundations of illegitimate wisdom in our world.

Waiting for the Sonrise

  Have you ever had a thought, a thought that was so counter the norm that for years you kept it to yourself? Because at some remote level in the back of your mind you realize the narrative that you had been taught may not be right?

  Welcome to the story of most of my life. Even at the youngest ages some of the things taught in school did not seem real. As I grew older I watched in silence as events rolled out on the world stage that seemed “created” for the crowds.

  Then you run into what I call “inconvenient facts” that history or modern science would rather you not bring up. That would be one of the reasons I realized Christianity may have something to it (there was also the power encounter in the Vineyard) Christianity presented things that more closely “fit” in the world I was coming to learn about.

  Although it did not fit the larger puzzle, it was the largest connection of parts allowing a person to at least get an idea of what we are looking at. What I did not realize until decades later in life is that the puzzle was not fitting because the foundation of information presented by the school system was flawed. And flawed puzzle parts will never fit.

  It was my wife’s former chef, Charles Moore who helped to drive into my head the direct correlation between physical and spiritual food. This gave me another tool in my belt to use and watch for.

The Carnivore Diet

  This was a surprise when our friends presented it to us. This extremely simple diet profoundly blows away all nutritional thinking. As a result, many, many people are now experiencing profound changes in their health in a short amount of time. Many health and mental disorders are being destroyed. All the conventional thinking around cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, depression, etc, etc. are being destroyed as people are realizing everything they have been told is bunk.

  Facebook groups full of support, pictures, and testimonies are exploding into the thousands. The group I joined went from 9 to 13 thousand people in one month. People who are willing to take the one month challenge and be strict with just meat and water are generally not going back.

  On the flip side, the professional community is starting to panic. The only answer coming from the top nutritionists at this point is that all this healing is just… “in peoples heads.”

Lame answer dude!

  I have spent some time listing and reading the many stories of people with Fibromyalgia, Anxiety, Depression, and Diabetes who have now gained there lives back from various health problems. So much so, that I now am really starting to understand how much of our everyday foods that “look good” should never have been consumed in the first place.

  It’s the growing truth of this simple way of eating that is now bringing freedom to many and will soon challenge the financial powerhouses of the drug and agriculture industries. So…Look out people your health freedom will be an even rougher road, as the powerhouses scramble to control the facts.

  All the fear that the industry has placed on meat is making us progressively more and more unhealthy and driving people towards Veganism.

  A plant-based diet for decades has been pushed in the education systems at the same rate as health problems have risen at alarming rates in the world. The basic thought being taught is that a meat diet is a fast way to die. If that is true, then how about all the indigenous cultures around the world like Eskimos who live on a high meat diet. Those cultures should have died out centuries ago.

   The Carnivore Diet, for me, has become a serious lesson concerning the vast amount, 50 to 70 years of nutritional information that may be no more valid than the paper it was written on. Now, true it may or may not work for everyone, but that only brings me to my next point.



  DNA for the last several decades has been the impenetrable castle that most health issues have been blamed on. When in reality in not even an impenetrable fog. It just takes patience to get to the reality. As time goes by, the list of things that can affect your DNA or rewrite it is getting longer. Some scientists are now discovering that food and or environment can result in very quick changes in your cellular code.

  One of the best examples of this is Astronaut Scott Kelly who set a record for the amount of time in space. According to reports, they discovered that as much as 25% of his DNA has now changed. The man who left was not the man who returned.

  That means that for a family with a propensity towards something like Cancer. This means that cancer is not always a death sentence. And that’s why (in my mind) the standard carnivore diet may not work for some people.

Here is my question;

  What if family number one, has ten or more generations of living inland away from the sea in a northern climate. Most people living in such an environment, like the Germans, have a high red meat and sausage diet.

  But what about family number two? They had ten plus generations in the warm waters of the South Pacific Islands living off fish, crab, and shrimp and never experienced a high red meat diet. Would they also benefit from high amounts of red meat?

My theory is they may not. Something to think about.

  Many people within the church and the world have subconsciously acquired a “doom and gloom” mindset concerning their health. As soon as the doctor tells them they have something bad that is the result of their families DNA. They mentally shut down any possibility of God touching their lives and restoring them.

  The untruths of this old DNA fortress needs to be reduced to rubble. A new understanding of the flexibility and durability of the human body God created needs to become front and center in our understanding.

Science, Physics and all that Jazz.

  Personally, this is an area my mind is always fighting. On one hand is years of modern teaching. Applying rules and concepts that govern the laws for how everything moves and works. On the other hand is the steadily marching forth of information that suggests that these rules are incomplete at best or downright lies at worst.

  I first noticed this when I was a teenager. I was reading in a library about many of the great people a long time ago who discovered a lot of the technology that we use today. It was at this point I ran into a man named Tesla. Tesla’s list of discoveries was impressive and helped lay the foundation for the modern technological world of today. But when I asked various well-educated people about him the response I got back was just as profound in its own right. “He got lucky, he’s a quack, most of his stuff was junk, he is a waste of time to research him.”

  This set of conflicting information led me to a bigger library. Pushing aside the books on his inventions I found a book about his life. Reading it I started to discover what kind of man he really was. The son of a Pastor, I would describe him as a student of creation. He watched and observed the world around him. In fact, it was because of his observations the morning sunrise, that led to him discovering AC current.

  Because Tesla he wanted to give everything away for free to the people of the world including energy. The establishment destroyed all that he was. People like Edison & Westinghouse wanted to make millions so Tesla represented a threat to what they were building.

  So here is a son of Pastor who was convicted of the need to help the world and lift them up from being destroyed by the system he saw all around him.

  What did he think of the discoveries of the other scientists? Here is his quote concerning Einstein’s theory of relativity.


What did Einstein think about Tesla?

  Einstein was once asked how he felt to be the smartest man alive. Einstein’s reply was “I don’t know, you’ll have to ask Nikola Tesla.”

  To me, Tesla is one of the best examples that the basic foundation of science “may” be a bit off. Tesla credited God with much of his discoveries and tried to change the world with them.

  So what happened in the end? Well, that’s where it gets more mysterious. It is claimed that he destroyed much of his work in the hope that one day the world would be ready for what was to be released.

But that claim may not be true.

  After creating a small earthquake machine that shook the building he was living in. He was found dead sometime later. The government came in for “safety reasons” and collected all his paperwork. The paperwork was never returned to his family in Croatia but was handed over to John G. Trump, electrical engineer, inventor, with a degree in physics who declared them to be of little value.

  Mr. Trump already before this had hands-on working knowledge of microwaves and radar that Tesla had invented. Shortly afterward, Trump’s understanding of these technologies seemed to accelerate as he oversaw the inventions and development of many high-level devices that for the next Thirty years increasing the families net worth.

  Mr. Trump was also the uncle of President Trump.

  Question: Why are so many working so hard to maintain a system of thinking that is most likely flawed?


Our Basic History

  If there is any spot in this blog post I am about to lose people and become designated as a tin foil hat quack in their minds, it will be here.

  History is often written by the victor. As a result, History is filled with self-motivated promotion desiring to hide the ugly and promote the veneer of an illusion. If you don’t believe me then just check American Indian history over the last two hundred years against our history books.

  In recent years with the school shootings, the American press often tosses out comments like, “worst shooting in American History.” This comment is a great example of two things. One is it is an incitement against the quality of the American school systems bad teaching and the second is it a great example of effecting “group think” on the desired subject.

  Groupthink is one of the many forms of mind control that is being used on people today to create an opinion outside of the facts.

  Side question: Why is all the gun control issues tied to killing children?

  These shootings the press speaks of are small and are far from the worst shootings in American History. Here is a very small sample of our very bloody history.


  This is a small sampling of some of the many events of the past, that few know of motivating our present. But there is a far bigger gorilla in the room of history that even fewer realize, even among the Christian community. Jesus made it very clear with the following statement.

  Matthew 24:37-39 “As it was in the days of Noah so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.”

  Over the years I have heard many people preach this from many angles, but many are missing I think the bigger point Jesus is pointing to. He was comparing the age to come with a very odd time in our ancient past.

  Due to events around 300 AD, leaders of the Church debated various parts of scripture. During this time they re-interpreted Gen 6:4 “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days–and also afterward–when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.”

  In 300 AD they decided the “men of renown” where just special men, really good at fighting, hunting, etc.

  This error in thinking is unsupported by older scriptures as well as the traditional Jewish understanding, not to mention the historical evidence.

  For nearly 2000 years the book of Enoch was considered lost. A book well mentioned and quoted in scripture by Jesus and the Apostles. This book gives a much greater depth of understanding of the events of those early days.

  It records these “men of renown,” the Nephilim as Giants of great stature, also very cannibalistic in nature. The human population simply could not harvest enough food to feed them. As a result, they turned on the harvesters and turned them into dinner. This began the cry to heaven that eventually resulted in the flood.

  It is also clear by scripture these same giants lived after the flood.

  There is now accumulating evidence about them, around the world that has never made it to the history books. But why should we care?

  When you look at the total picture as presented in the Old Testament and the book of Enoch as well as other sources we should care and care deeply.

  The first world was destroyed not only because of the general evil of the day but also because the human gene pool was now contaminated with non-human DNA.

  Researchers have come to believe that Noah and his sons were the only “pure ones,” left, as in “un-contaminated humans bloodline left on the Earth.” Two of their wives, however, it is assumed by the researchers, were not. This idea is held up by the fact that the list of recorded descendants afterward was known for a high level of giants in those family lines.

Big Dudes

  Those who came afterward were shorter than the pre-flood giants, but still substantially taller than the average man.

(Look up Og, king of Basham as an example Deut 3:11)

  If as Jesus said, “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.” Then it can be assumed we will see a return to the same kind of evil. I find it totally fascinating to me how modern archaeologist deal with this issue. The basic way of dealing with it is to ignore it, poo poo it, call it a fairy tale or the now famous line used, “no comment.”

  It could be argued ignorance on their behalf and that may be true for the rank & file. But not so for the highest levels.

See the following article

  “Smithsonian Admits to Destruction of Thousands of Giant Human Skeletons in the Early 1900s”


Note: Due to the current unreliability of the traditional modern news sources. This bit of news, like many others like it, are now being forced to be seen through other sources.

Here are a few questions and thoughts to ponder.

  Q: If the same degree of evil is coming, what will that look like?

  Q: how will it effect the tribulation?

  Q: In the Old Testament, all the nations God that were ordered destroyed were nations that contained the mixed blood of the Nephilim. God destroyed the first world because of this blood and then ordered the destruction of mixed blood nations after the flood by the Jewish army. How does this paint a different understanding of the coming events of the Book of Revelation?

  Q: if demons never die and they like to influence the world shakers and movers of today. Then, can it be assumed the blindness of the archaeological world was created demonic intention?

  The continual war concerning the hybridization of the human race with non-human DNA is one of the main underground topics quietly effecting the world. But that like the other topics of Food, DNA, and Science will be the focus for the next blogs.



A.shadows           F,Starlight

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