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So as some of you may or may not have noticed, I have not posted in a few days. That’s not for lack of writing, but a lack “ummph” to finish the ones I started.

As time rolls on and I listen more and more to some of the things on the “wind” around me {Yes I am talking spiritual} I find myself more and more concerned about all that is around me. This world is changing, to use a prophetic quote from the first Lord of The Rings movie from Galadriel;

“The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost; for none now live who remember it.“

It is these kinds of things that are now causing me to reevaluate some of the things I have written right after I have written them. I have attempted in my fumbling attempts to voice some of them in short blogs and in poetry.

It seems to me that I am now hearing the same message everywhere. It’s an underlying theme in almost every subject around us. And I know I am not the only one. There is a universal SOS or wake up call that even the non-Christians are now hearing. And that’s both encouraging and a bit unsettling in the same breath.

I will… hopefully in the next little while to put out several blog posts all tied together on some of these issues. Look for the first one to be called, “Waiting for the Son rise.” This blog will be an intro to a broader subject I intend on talking about. Basically, if you read the first post and decided you’re not interested, then feel free to skip the next two or three after that.

Until then, I want to introduce you to my other ongoing writing project, my books, because, like the next blog posts, they are all connected. And they have many things interwoven within these stories for people to research and ponder.

Back Story

While working at a good sized prophetic ministry in the east. One of the larger prophetic voices by the name of Shrewsbury who was in charge of several prophetic teams at the time spoke to me. “God has a job for you. He is going to give you an opportunity to make a bit of money. But you will need to totally devote all your time to this. In the end, you might be able to do, maybe one or two things from time to time. But that’s all you will be able to handle.”

We then talked about it. I did not know what it would be and neither did Shrewsbury.

A little later I had a dream, in the dream, I was about to be laid off from my job. Two days later it came true and I was laid off.

Sitting alone in our small apartment while my wife worked was a total aggravation. A bunch of time went by as I tried to find work. Every time I tried to find a job, the door closed and someone somewhere in my network of friends would get a word from the Lord saying the same thing. “Don’t worry, you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing.”

My wife who would normally be stressed about the bills got more than one personal dream from the Lord comforting her, telling everything would be ok.

Now add to this I am not new to the prophetic. And both my wife and I slowly became known in some places for our dreams coming true. Actually, my wife even more than me. So when I started getting some really odd dreams I could not put in any category it left me a bit confused as to what to do.

Then one day a strong thought strayed into my mind for most of the day. It was a story I heard of C.S.Lewis started writing Narnia with the picture of a fawn standing by a lamppost. So he started with that.

So I sat down at my computer and wrote what was in my head;

  “A dry, light breeze kicked up a little dust as it makes its way up the red stone canyons. The wind still feels a little too cool in the early morning shade of the narrow canyon walls. The sand in the air formed a small twist as it works its way uphill past a jeep and a few tents of a small Archeology camp.

   A woman in her late thirties grabbed a hat off the seat of the Jeep to cover her red hair and fair skin. “It’s going to get hot today,” she thought to herself as she grabbed a canteen and a few hand tools. As she began to walk away from her older 1998 jeep, she put them into her backpack, only to find a hand in front of her offering a tube of sunscreen. “Becker, it’s going to get hot today, you better put this on,” exclaimed an older man who just walked up to her.”

From that point forward I had no idea what came next in the story so I just took it one line, one idea at a time not worrying about the story. Just write to write.

After writing for a few hours I was amazed at how fast the time went and how much I had written. Soon I decided why not toss in these odd dreams that keep coming. Fit them into the story and see what happens. Within a day or so I quickly found the story bending more and more in a certain direction. And based on the dreams I had, I now had an idea where the story was heading.

Next thing I knew several chapters were written and some of the prophetic stuff I had. Now the stuff I was getting felt custom made for the story.

Then, because of the direction of the story, I knew I was going to run into a problem. Time travel was going to happen in the book. But needed something semi-serious to explain how this was going to work. It was at this point in asking the Lord, how to solve this problem that I ended up talking to one of my former co-workers, Jason Healey. Out of his mouth came, “Hey, can I tell you what the Lord has shown me about time travel?”

A little stunned, I sat down and interviewed him. The crazy part was as he told me what he knew, I had scriptures firing off in my head connecting to what he was saying. Jason wanted no credit for what he told me, so that’s one of the reasons I am telling the story here.

As a result, Chapter twelve of “Age of Shadows” entitled “Dr. Healey and the Men in Black” not only highlighted Jason’s theory, but it was a way of honoring what he showed me as well.

In time, creative dreams about the characters in my books like Megan Becker got used. As an example, I used a dream about a dream that Megan had.

  “Megan struggled at first to articulate the dream, but once she began, her memory of it got more focused and the words became easier. “I was somewhere high, maybe on a hill, I’m not sure. It was like some old 1950’s, B-rated, science fiction movie. Below I could see hundreds of aliens marching in rows, overtaking the world. Women screaming and fainted like in the old movies.”

I put into the book even though I did not know where I was going with it.

Later this part became a motivation behind her character as it resurfaced from time to time in the next books. I assumed I understood this part just like I assume my readers did as well. But now after writing WAY beyond the fourth manuscript, I realize that her dream was not fulfilled in the third and forth manuscript like I thought it was. So… what I have learned is that had God planted a “thing” a “concept” about a future event far into the storyline I have yet to write.

And that was not all. A minor character Major Watson was used in book one and book two, “Fading Starlight”. My plan was to kill him off part way through book two. So I did. But then I had to un-kill him as I kept having stuff (dreams and even visions) that only fit his character. Now he will be a major character after the Wingate Chronicles is finished with his own series. That came about after two powerful dreams that played out like a movie that I wrote down word for word.

{Just a spoiler here for anyone who has read the first two books, Major Watson is not the only character the Lord had me bring back. Some of the people who you think have died have not}


Where Is book Three “The Eugenics War?”

That is the single most common question I get asked, and I will try to answer that in a moment.

Like many projects, sometimes things get delayed by events outside our control.

In nine months I sailed through writing the manuscript for all four books. Many times I did as many as fifteen pages a day. My rough guess is that if all of Wingate Chronicles was placed in one book, it would be somewhere around 900 to 1000 pages. It wasn’t long after finishing this project that I had a dream I would be rehired back at my old job in the ministry.

In my dream, I was asked back to help clean up the department, so I took up a broom and did so. Within a week of the dream, I found out the person who was doing my old job left. And I was asked back in to help, “clean up the department.”

Without going into details of the mess, let me just say, housekeeping was ready to celebrate when they knew I was coming back. As it was said to me, “finally someone can stop that horrible smell that’s coming from your old office. It’s traveling down the hallway. And we are getting complaints”

After a hard three weeks, I got it all cleaned.

But then I ran into a problem. Publishing my books. Due to the employee manual, I realized I could run into some serious problems with their “noncompetitive clause” Basically if I published, the ministry could claim rights to my work. I did, however, publish the first two because I have strong evidence that the books were created (including a copyright) during my time I was laid off. The last two, I felt did not have the same rock solid proof other than file dates on my computer. So I held off publishing.

Unfortunately, a long break like that really messes with Amazon analytics, and it drove the visibility of my books into the earth.

So, I am no longer a part of that ministry. I got as far out and as fast as I could. If you want to know more on that issue, then read the following blogs;

To all the old roads.
Good by to Goshen.
Run away.
What have we Become?

Basically, after reading these, you should get a rough idea of the problem within the ministry I was working with.


Moving on.

So I felt like I needed to jumpstart my sales and get them back because it felt to me to do otherwise would be a failure of stewardship of what the Lord had given. So I decided to step away, as a test from the land of self-published to finding a regular published who at least looked like they knew something about marketing.

After contacting several, I settled on “Faith Christian Publishers.” Not only were they one of the very few who responded back but I was amazed at the contract. Not that I was deliberately looking for a Christian publisher, but hey, if all the lights are green, then I’m walking through the door.

They re-edited Age of Shadows again (the eighth time) reformatted the inside and gave it a new cover that made it look like a Tom Clancy book. They also created a book trailer Click here to see it. And as of today, everything is done except they are still working on the press release that will be sent out to hundreds of media outlets.

So here I sit, nervously waiting. Will it work? Will it be ignored?

If these do pay off with the new publisher then it’s not only my plan to toss them the rest of Wingate for them to publish. But I also plan on finishing out what I started with the self-publishing and get “The Eugenics War” and “Rise of the Thumbrians” finished as well. This is for two reasons.

One: is for some of the fans who already own books one and two, to complete the set.
Two: a totally personal reason, I did the artwork for all four and I just want to show it off.



So how does all this apply to what I wrote at the start of this blog?

Many of the ideas and concepts that exist in the books that I thought were “out there” and a bit odd. I have now been doing research on and what I am finding sometimes disturbs me or amazes me.

As an example (without giving away spoilers of an unreleased book) in my fictional world of the fourth book I now find that some of the things I “randomly” tossed into the storyline seem to be connected to real events 1700 years ago. These events have caused me to realize not all things were random as I once thought.

Also, it was not that long ago I ran into a YouTube video from Israeli News Live, they were giving biblical evidence from scripture about an issue that I found was connected to one of the major events in my books. This confirmation is of one of my crazy storylines that are now coming home to roost in the real world of my mind. The commentator only decided to research this subject after two power visions that shook him to the core about what going on in high levels of government.

So start looking for a collection of writings coming hopefully soon on some of my “out there” stuff. And if you’re as crazy as I apparently now am. (And you must be if you’re still reading this) They please consider supporting this blog and buy the first two books in the Wingate Chronicles, Age of Shadows and Fading StarLight. You might just be surprised by what you find

More to come, RF

A.shadows           F,Starlight




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