Good and Bad Fruit

Good &Bad

A few years ago, maybe three or four I remember having a conversation with a few guys. In time the subject rolled around to exorcism (casting out demons) I listened for a while as they talked how it was a needed ministry, few were doing it and that this needs to dealt with in a very biblical manner because many of gotten off track with it.

Without even think about what I was about to say I opened my mouth and just said a thing or two without really pondering the outcome.

Me: “Well that sounds great. You know if you’re going to get biblical about all this then I think there are plenty of places here in the church for you to start casting out demons?”

A little taken back if not shocked. One of the guys, a bit older than my self politely protested. “Well that’s not what I mean, we need to start out there. Where the real demons are on the streets. We need to set those people free so that they can come in!”

Me: “Well that’s not biblical. If Jesus is our example, then your going to need to do it like him. If you search the scriptures you will find the first demons he cast out was in synagogue not on the streets. Matter a fact, if I recall, he visited several synagogues casting out demons before he got cast out of the synagogue himself and had to work on the streets.”

Waving me off with his hand: “That’s not what we are talking about.”

Me: “Really, as the Pastor says about this place, It’s a target rich environment. SO… I’m sure you will have no lack of crazies to practice on in this church.”

Well, apparently that was the wrong thing to say.


I remember my early years listening to John Wimber talking about dealing with kicking demons out of people. He equated it to the unpleasant experience of cleaning a public toilet in a bar.

Being new to all this I remember him talking about it. But I was in my early twenties and did not really listen to his wisdom of this matter. Fast forward to today and I can say from personal experience that he was right. Let’s just say this is not something I deliberately go looking around to find today.

The reality is the Spiritual world can either be a blessing or a minefield. Way too many people in an effort to experience experiences have wandered into the minefield under the deception that all of this is there personal God ordained playground.

Now I have found It is absolutely true that wolves can masquerade as sheep, even in the pulpit and guide people down the road of demonic experiences under the guise of “new things in the Lord.”

If you want a few stories related to this check our the late John Paul Jacksons book,
“Unmasking the Spirit of Jezebel.”

Deception loves immaturity and immaturity desires to be seen as an adult. Just watch any 13 year old and you will see what I mean.

Unfortunately, it is very possible nowadays to find a strong church today that has been reduced to immaturity, to the point of needing to have Christianity 101 rebuilt in them. You can find examples of this 1 Cor 3 and Hebrews 5. Read this:

Hebrews 5:12 “In fact, though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you the elementary truths of God’s word all over again. You need milk, not solid food!”    Ouch!!!!

An example of this would be a fairly well known west coast ministry that became known for many things including healing and exorcism. One of the many people I remain in contact with told me the story of how they once had a powerful team that cast many demons out of people. Later in an effort to move the healing program to a new level, teachers brought forth a program deemed of “higher quality”

The end result of that program was that they no longer confronted the demonic evil by casting it out like Jesus did. They now “loved” the person to the point the demon would leave. The original team, seeing the error did leave the church realizing the size of this growing problem.

Wow, what a profound departure from the biblical standard. I see no example of love being used to drive demons out in the New Testament. Jesus was always point blank and commanded a removal and he made it clear we have the same authority. To do less today is to spit on the authority Jesus gave us.

Yes, Jesus did say that some of these come out with prayer and fasting. But there is a big difference between a one on one combat (command it to be gone) and assembling the armies of God to tear down the castle (prayer and fasting)

The person who related this also tells me a Midwest prophet did come along and warn them after a dream he had. But I would say no one is listening because nothing has changed.

It’s an odd time in the body of Christ. It feels kinda like a wandering ship without a rudder. As a result of this, the church now seems surprised by every major storm our ship wanders into. I see one of the problems of this being our ability to identify bad fruit from good is lost in this craziness as we sail under officers who seem just as lost.

Life is made up of little things that sometimes have great value. If we cannot see the good and the bad, then we will be trained by this storm and start calling God’s good things bad and the bad good. Thereby aborting the blessings the Lord is providing and only accepting the evil as good.

Perhaps Martin Luther King was right when he described the church as having a schizophrenic personality.


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