Crazy Stuff


Crazy stuff.

As I get older, research and learn, I tend to see things from a different vantage point that causes me to reflect on so many things.

We have, as a society have been taught so many half-truths, lies and fairytale stories that have been presented to us as truth in the education systems. That I have come to really realize that some of the comments I heard in my teens and twenties from the old timers were very true. “We are all subjects of a massive social-cultural engineering project.”

When I was young I got into many of what is now called “conspires theories” only after walking away from them for a decade or so to realize that almost all of them came true. One of the best examples was the subject of HAARP, a device for high altitude weather modification and experimentation.

What was once rumor and regarded as crazy thinking is now common knowledge.
{Click link for more on HAARP}

Today’s crazy conspiracy theories are wide & vast and literally extend to the ends of our solar system and beyond. Many (not all) of these theories have a slowly mounting evidence behind them that getting harder and harder to ignore.

I would post some examples but I think it would take this article seriously off topic.

On the flip side of this, I have noticed a pattern that I think may be rooted in the desire to create miss-information among the people. Case in point would be the rise in the belief of “Flat Earth”. In South Carolina, we had “self-medicated” neighbor who was often visited by the local police. He was a strong supporter of this nonsense. At first I thought this was some isolated thing. But after looking around I am finding growing support.

I have no words to describe how bazaar the arguments for this thinking is. So if you are reading this and this if your belief I have one simple test for you. If the world is flat them please by a Celestron C14 telescope {one of the most powerful a person can buy) Go stand on the North Carolina coast and point it at the Horizon and tell us if you can see Paris? Because according to your theory you should be able to see it. Or for that matter London, African coastline maybe even Mt. Everest if the world is flat.

Ok, I’m off my soapbox and I have hopefully delivered my point.

The deliberate addition of bad Information has been seeping into the credible information everywhere, thereby watering down the truth. And that is just bad news all around.

Unfortunately, all this is just as, if not more pervasive in the church as well as the rest of the world. One would wish that the IQ of the average church is higher than the world. But…ah that is not the case. Traditions, rules and other forms of human entanglement in spiritual life often muck up the common sense God gave his people. True; historically, somethings like traditions have also kept the church sane in past generations. But some things left in place to long only end up hobbling future generations.

The Crazy Report

A little background first. The New Testament was assembled very carefully using a method and a mindset copied from the Rabbis who assembled the Old Testament. Out of that came a statement or creed called the Nicene Creed. It’s a basic outline of established understandings of the belief in the truth that God has established. If your unsure as to what that is, you can either google it or listen to the old Petra version on YouTube. It’s now considered a “classic” music video called “Creed.”

Moving on.

The most recent is what east coast prophet Jeremiah Johnson is now calling, “Preterists” It in its basic form is the belief that the book of Revelation is irrelevant because it was all symbolically fulfilled in 70 AD. Or another form of this deception is rooted the idea that if we all come together before the Courts of Heaven we can petition God to change the book of Revelation and it will never happen.

This deceptive teaching has its very ugly roots come directly from the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The ultimate fruit of this teaching ends in various forms, basically, if you follow these lines of thinking two things are found at the end.
One, is that Christ’s blood is no longer needed.
Two, is that there is no longer any judgment of the dead.

As outlandish as this may sound to some ears I can tell you not only is it gaining ground in various east coast ministries. But its roots were becoming well established in the ministry I was formally employed in.

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A Rabbi once told me, “God gave you a brain and He expects you to use it.”

The Nicene Creed or Apostles Creed as it is also known is well established in the third century with possible earlier forms dating back to around 140AD. The basic truth of it is a grounding or foundation that seems to have “slipped” away from modern teachers.

The real truth lies under the ruble of good intentions and the desire to improve things that are not broken. Regardless if the author is human or demonic, each thinks it needs to add to or subtract from the foundation the creator made. Both are foolish or sinister, you can decide which.

How is this problem going to be solved?

I know a few writers & pastors who at this point would give you at least a five point outline describing the solution. I would suggest you hold those five points lightly. Because if they are meant to change the culture then dump it in the trash.

I say that because most of that stuff gets people thinking in one of two lines of thought.
A. “I can’t do any of that so I will just nod, smile and agree. But in secret, I will just hide.”
B. “I must challenge everyone with this I meet, but in secret, there is no real change in me.”

All real change in culture historically that was lasting (beyond seventy years) was internal. Things like integrity and holiness if cultivated in your life always has long-lasting results. That kind of real change is done via the combined work of the Holy Spirit and the Blood of Christ. By starting down this road the mind is changed, renewed with better vision.

Many Christians think they see clearly, or at least I should say they do from the perspective of what they “think” they see. As I said at the start of this article “As I get older, research and learn I learn to see things from a different vantage point.”

I, like all of you who are older, see things far better than we did in our 20’s and 30’s. And I am sure 20 or 30 years from now I personally will see even better than this moment and wonder what was I thinking?

It’s a deception to think we see clearly, we don’t. As the Apostle said we, “see in part.” That’s why we need a radical reformation of the Prophetic movement. Much of the prophetic is gathering around Ezekiel 34 Shepards, not realizing how watered down it has become. As a result, they are now prophesying the soon coming of the Joel 2 army. Not realizing they are speaking about there own replacements.

Moving on.

All this deception is just darkness regardless of where you find it. Designed to alter the very foundations of our culture. Pick a social media platform and if you know what your looking for you will find many examples of social engineering. Facebook and Pinterest are great examples of it. The basic idea or underlying concepts of such social sites is to make the person believe they are seeing the world. When in reality it is designed to make you only see a tiny corner that believes and thinks like you. Thereby increasing a narrowness of vision and isolation.

For this and many other reasons, this why we need the renewing of our minds and the reestablishing of a true Christian culture. I am convinced of one thing after 30+ years of being Christian.

If a true, healthy Christian culture gets founded. Half the world will be coming running to kill it, while the rest will be trying to find a way to join it.
Think about it, have you ever seen a place in North America like that?


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