Report: The Carnivore Diet


Note: Ok, so I had a bit of fun creating the above image. Not that I am saying I am a dinosaur or that we are eating dinosaurs. But after moving to Wyoming it seems every town has a museum for dinosaurs because it’s the farmers who sometimes find the bones in the fields.

I wanted to give a three-week report on a new diet we are trying. First of all, I am not going to be filling this simple report with many of the facts anyone can find on the internet. I will say there is a lot of growing support and facebook groups for eating this way. All I want to do in this simple report is simply just let people know what my wife and I have been discovering with this diet.

Week one.
Like many guys who are marching past 50 years of age, I to also get up several times during the night for the bathroom. Almost instantly in the first week that came to a stop. Now I get up maybe twice during the week and that is something that I can say is the result of drinking ice tea too late after sundown.

Fairly quickly you start the mental battle of not needing three meals a day. As your body starts the process of dumping all the un-needed gunk your body has produced (research the internet if you want to know more.) You slowly start realizing your body is saying, “hey I’m not sure we really need that!”.
Processed several pounds of beef roast into jerky, it was fun.

Week Two.
Hmmm…it would seem that the extra pair of pants I bought before we left are starting to hang funny on me. So I park them off to the side. Still getting used to living at 5000+ foot elevation so I am not sure if our tiredness is the result of elevation, 90 to 100-degree afternoons or this new diet.

We are starting to discover that beef satisfies better the pork and chicken is almost a joke. Hmm…Maybe that’s why the Israelites complained after eating a solid diet of nothing but quail for several days?

Well, a couple of pairs of pants I kept that were almost too small are starting fit better. My wife says my face looks less “puffy.” Our friends who have been on this diet for a long, long time tells us that is because of the inflammation caused by grain products is leaving your system. Must admit my joints to move better.

Our friends bought tomahawk steaks, also known as cowboy steaks at around three pounds each of meat. BBQ with just salt, pepper and garlic. I was the only one who finished his steak. Kinda went a little crazy with our friends. Bought pork roasts on sale and ground up 44 pounds of pork to make breakfast sausage.

Big steak
Also played around with cheese and ham stuffed burgers.

Week three. (Just starting)
Can’t wear that extra pair of pants now, they want to fall off. Only have one pair of shorts that do not require a belt to stay up, everything else does. Starting to think we need to use beef as a breakfast meat.

Our grocery bill has been totally simplified to the following Meat, hard cheese, eggs, butter, spices & good tea.
Here are a few simple points
• Butter makes a fine steak sauce with a little garlic.
• I have lost around 28 pounds.
• My wife has lost around 18 pounds.
• You don’t watch the amounts you eat.
• You learn to just eat until you feel full, thereby you learn to trust your body.
• The need for “fiber” is a joke, meat liquifies in your system and as a result, you go to the bathroom less.
• Both of us have lost all cravings for wheat products the first week.
• We sleep better
• Less stuff to brush off your teeth in the morning.
• BBQ is our hero.
• Mozzarella sticks wrapped in bacon and deep fried in crushed pork rinds & eggs are very tasty.
• The dry spots on my skin are starting to go away.

cowboy-steak alt-1500x1125

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