Food for Thought, Update, July 2018

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Hello everyone, It’s been a long time since I did a general update. The last one I did was from Nov of 2015 where I talked about my old web page, Whatcom County Prophetic Page. In that, I mentioned I would be adding various old prophetic words from America’s past as well as my hope to get into writing various other types of articles.

Well, some of that panned out, some of it did not.

Like I mentioned at that time  I hardly ever stick to just one subject, that’s why it’s called “Earth & Sky.” With everything that has been going on in the last year, I even considered deleting this page for lack of time. But I got surprised, as I got close to leaving South Carolina to get away from the ministry I had been working for, for years. Suddenly the number of followers I had started to increase, sometimes as much as two people a week. I figure that’s really good considering I had given up on the site.

So I realized God was doing “something” with this platform and I needed to reconsider what to do with it.

Now during the last few years, I had published two science fiction books (meant to be part of a larger collection) and one is currently being republished by another publisher as I write.

A good friend who is an author himself had introduced me to the world of poetry with his books, Ex Silentio, and Latent Images. After reading them I finally decided to try my hand at it. He declared it to be good and then he looked at me with all seriousness and said, “Many a high school teacher has destroyed a poet with rules. There are no rules in poetry.”

Note: {links for his books as well as mine are listed at the bottom.}
Long story short, as you can most likely see on Earth & Sky I have now posted several poems.

But I held off publishing any new books for several reasons. One of the biggest was the employee manual at the Prophetic ministry I worked. It made it very clear that ANYthing an employee produced during there time of employment in the ministry, they could claim or have a part of. I thought about just publishing my stuff but the Holy Spirit just kept cautioning me not to do it.

It wasn’t until later when the Lord started to really open my eyes to hidden hypocrisy and junk within the senior ranks of that ministry that I truly understood the Lords caution.



We have relocated to Wyoming.
Waiting for the Lord to open the next door as I do a job searching. The plan is and has always been Montana. But He has made it clear that we will be going through Wyoming first. So we have no idea the time of how long that will be (weeks, month, years???)

Until then I am looking to build up my funds to start republishing again. I have several works planned and partly completed. And, even though I am currently doing a lot of blog writing on the issue of the needed reformation in the prophetic ministry. I am looking to start wandering back into other subjects like you would have seen back in 2015. Subjects like Food, Archeology and general craziness. Now that does not mean I will be ignoring the subject of the Reformation, it just won’t be priority number one.



Michael R. Carter

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