Apart of Me

Apart of Me

Five years for grace with an extra for man.
Hard and long, endure to the end was that the plan?

Clean and ship and write that report for the man.
Oh look, another new boss I don’t like that plan.
Twist and turn, I think I have seen to much.
Talk and teach, maybe I care to much.

Ministry or corporation that I work, the line is way to blurred.

Box after box, pallet after pallet what do I see?
Pallet after pallet, box after box something is forming near me.

In the center of daily do’s, a new thing is forming anew.
When did I see it?
Did I know?
Look a new set of friendly faces do grow.

One over here, one is over there, the laughter is never old.
An old face, a young face. One wider, one thinner did I know?

Hair white as Merino wool or dark as furnace coal, pure white are their souls.
Gathering now, some smiles with some bodies they are many of these old souls.

Goodbye hugs and handshakes from the room.
A tear here, a tear there, many from the soft southern heart of one.
Like a hidden surprise song that slows your steps.
These move my heart more than the smell of oven fresh bread.

Many I miss, two shall be more than most.
Peach tea with old books, My daughter and a brother, I think I shall remember the most.

Many images and words now invade my thoughts. As I see the road ahead.
Of tail lights and grassy plains with moon light over the canyon highs.
Of Hawks over the Mesa and Antelope field races.

A part of me I left here.
A new part I have taken.

To the long heart talks with Peach tea & Old books.
Over all, it was far better than I could have bought.

Robert Foster


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