Appalachian Sound

Sound, Water, and Light are of the most powerful and profound things of this world. Anyone of these can build or destroy. And sometimes one opens the door for all so that they may dance together.

Through the sound of the words, “Let there be Light” Light was invited over the threshold to our world so that water now rested on the Earth.

Heavenly sounds played by human fingers can bring the invitation of Light deep within us so that the Father may overshadow the well of our souls with peace.

Deep thinking (unspoken words) can give birth to wisdom in such places.

The late Rich Mullins once said that music is one of the finest things he had ever heard. And I must say a well written and composed song can stop me dead in my tracks. I have no idea of how many times my daily plan was interrupted by the tune of a simple song. But I have also learned that music is an emissary for Spiritual things both good or bad.

One of the best examples I can give is the subject of the old classic hymns. For the majority of my Christian life, I can safely say that I could not stand to listen to them. And I have heard them played in just about every form a person could make happen. But in the last six years, I noticed something I had never experienced before. Since moving to the south, they have become something I can listen to at times.

I have pondered why for years, but I did not know until recently. I was telling this new revelation to a friend from Tennessee who is a graphic artist. Basically, there is sound, a sound like a hidden background in the Appalachian hills that filters into all things musical, especially hymns. It’s a spirit of sorrow or lament, it connects the hearers of the music to an emotion.Thereby giving it a simple sound of life, making it real and washing away any “plastic/ fakeness”

Such music connects people in a common union that often results in reflection because it’s realness.

But why the Appalachian’s?

The history of this hill country has sorrow of a lot of blood mixed with the land. Two major wars and numerous smaller ones plus the trail of tears. But the sound that rests on this land was carried from another land, far to east.

Scottish and Irish men uprooted from home they love. These stateless men found wives among the local tribes, and with them came the emotions, fears, and hopes resting in the music they remembered.

Long centuries of battles for their homeland produced a calling of the heart for home. Many singers in our modern era who come from Appalachia carry this deep within even in there more fun songs.

Gasoline to the soul.

Music does something powerful at the soul level and unfortunately few within the church walls understand what it can do .Many years ago a group of us were ministering to a man with some issues. In time the HolySpirit highlighted the type of music he was filling his soul with. He refused to listen to anything we told him, valiantly guarding the walls he had built around it. Then I had a picture I shared with him.

Me; “You like to work on classic cars right?”

Him; “Yes.”

Me: “Suppose you spend all this time restoring some great classic car from the past. But when it comes time to put gas in it you put the worst Gas you can find. Old gas with bits of dirt and water in it. How do you suppose the car would run?”

Him; “Very badly.”

Me; “The car is you that the Lord has restored, But you filling your gas tank with the worst you can find.”

He still had to think about it for a moment but he finally got what we were trying to say to him.

Too much of the church cares too little about what we fill our souls with. Music is a hostess at the banquet of your soul. And only you are the keeper of the gate that consumes what on the platter.

Jesus said that Light has no fellowship with darkness. In immaturity, we consumed much darkness and planted it down deep within the garden of our soul expecting only glory. The lie of music being just sound without effect is the silliness of a deep demonic lie.

How can true Holiness ever take root in a weed-choked garden of lies?

May we all learn to be the gardeners of our own soul.


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