A Little Light

If you have ever read the back cover of one of my books you will notice that I describe myself as a person who likes good food. This is something I fully accredit or blame on my wife the Foodie. Because of her ability to taste the finer points of food, I now find myself noticing the quality of products more and more. The long-term effect of this is, of course as I grow older is the unwelcome extra pounds that are now part of my life.

My wife has now had the experience of being a professional chef. Her finely honed food skills over the last few years have cooked for groups well over 500 people at times. And trust me, my waistline has only benefited from Chef Kathy’s growing skills.

Good quality ingredients grown from the earth, blessed with quality water and sunlight make for outstanding meals. However, after moving across the nation, we have both become increasingly aware of the lack of flavor in market grown food regardless of its origin. This as many of you know is a desperate sign of the condition of our soil’s. There is however as I discovered not the only factor.

Many years ago I worked in a hardware store in a small Idaho town when Compact

Fluorescence (CFL) first came out. One of our light bulb suppliers provided 60 plus page catalog with a scientific breakdown of CFL’s. My coworkers ignored it but I read it cover to cover. You see winter was coming to an end and planting season was just around the corner. And any plant you start indoors was a major time saver.

After research, I discovered that there was one line of CFL that produced almost the same quality of light as standard plant grow bulbs. Now there are many factors that determine the quality of the light needed for plants. But one of the main ones was the Kelvin temperature of light itself. The closer you get to 6,500 or 7,000 Kelvin becomes the perfect environment for plants. Not only did we try this out, but I also shared my theory with coworkers and several customers. Generally what I got back from the reports was very encouraging and confirmed my hypothesis.

Fast forward to today when my wife and I lived in an apartment in South Carolina. I had been doing various research on a wide array of topics related to the science fiction books that I am currently writing. I was looking at some online star charts and reading reports about some of the stars when suddenly I realized something. I realized I was looking at the spectral information of a certain star and it was listed at 9,000 K (Kelvin)

Slowly I started to realize a few things.

1. This was not a “yellow star” like our sun, it’s color was in the bluish range.

2. Stars with a higher Kelvin number 6,000 K and up are generally not classified in the yellow range but blue.

3. Our sun’s rating is only 5,800 K

4. Our plants are designed for a far hotter sun than we have today.

5. Our plant life NEVER modified (evolved) itself to adapt to the suns current output.

Therefore; (or because of this)

Our plant life is genetically locked to an earlier period of time when they first were created on Earth. That means two powerful things, one is that our plants are becoming more and more starved as our sun grows older. And it also displays the fact that despite everything we have done with plant life there is still part of them that will never adapt or evolve. They are simply genetically linked to the point in time they were created.

The cycle of diminishing sunlight on our Earth, I must assume is at least part of the cause and effect of what’s going on with our food, soil and general life on Earth. That would also mean that this cycle of diminishing sunlight is affecting the food cycle of minerals, acids, vitamins, and chemicals to all life on Earth.

The general lie given to the world is that your genes are your genes and there is nothing that can be done to change that. That “fact” is being proven to just be simply wrong almost daily.

We now find that it seems like almost anything can alter your genes from food to electromagnetic exposure to even the time astronauts spend in space. Yet, like some bazaar storyline out of Doctor Who some things are set in stone and do not change.

If evolution was a true reality of this world, well then it has failed at this very point. Because the truth of this is now working like a clicking clock reminding the world of its ever shorting expiration date. I say that because the reality is by extension everything that depends on the plants and this includes us is locked in this cycle of decay.

The plants get less, so they give less to everything that eats them. The cow slowly has fewer minerals, acids and vitamins in the meat and milk so we get less. Resulting in more personal health and birth issues. Garden produce receive less from the sun and it roots find less in the compost it’s planted in to feed it so the flavor is dismissed. We, therefore, dismiss the food to be bland or boring so we cover it with anything we can find to make it palatable. Thereby often introducing things like refined sugar and MSG into our system that only help to hasten our own pull date.

Light takes up a powerful seat in the courtroom of our world. It was the first thing that came marching into our world after the Lord spoke it into Creation. And apparently plays a major role in both the physical and spiritual world.

I wonder if light affects the quality and taste of physical food, then how does it affect spiritual food?


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