Whatcom Co. Prophetic


Whatcom Co. Prophetic, R.A. Foster

Took a wonderful vacation this year. Drove across the United States visiting, taking pictures and generally enjoying life, that is except for unplanned $1600 repair bill in Casper for our exhaust system. Another story for another day.

  A long time ago we lived in Washington state, in fact, we grew up in the state and watched many changes take place.

  A little backstory first.  Ever since coming to Christ I have always had prophetic experiences from day one. I see things, hear things, dreams, visions and the like, it’s just part of who I am. As the years have passed many of them have come true. As a result, I have watched many things unfold in Whatcom County Washington… both good & bad. Some were authored by God, much of it authored by man, but blamed on God or the devil.

  What I once saw as wisdom on the part of the churches of how they reacted to “odd and weird” people or their words from God by removing them from the fold. I now see as self-centered immaturity motivated by fear or the religious spirit. 

  When God finally released us and we sold our home and started driving east, it was winter and we stopped off in Albuquerque New Mexico for the night. That morning I woke up and the sky felt like iron. I could feel the anger of God and I wondered what had happened in the world. I turned on the TV and the first thing that came on was the news report, that Washington had just legalized Gay Marriage. And I knew where the anger was coming from, a greater level of sin was now being released over the land.

  Back to our vacation.

  You could “feel” a shift as soon as you drive across the Idaho/Washington border. Our plan was to stop for the night in Ritzville just west of Spokane for the night. By the time we reached our stop we had already been “greeted” by numerous, green pot signs across the city. When we reached Ritzville (population 1626 people) surrounded by large grain fields. We quickly noticed two things.

  1. Gas was almost double of home $1.85
  2. A monster freeway sign advertising pot for sale.

  I looked next to Starbucks to see an older single wide trailer manned by two strong looking gangbangers in black with gold chains & rings standing out front. Hmmm….Washington who really is backing your drug industry?

  The rest of the trip to the coastlands was fun, we traveled up to several of our old stomping grounds like Mt. Baker and Fidalgo Island. Had some good food and reconnected with some old faces.

  But we also saw a lot of things very disturbing and sad.

  The east side of the state is considered far more Liberal than the western side. And it showed up in a profound way. You could “feel” the spiritual change, a greater level of darkness, depression, and self-preservation had settled in. We drove around the Everson area, WOW the neglect of many places was obvious. While at the same time other people built fences obviously to protect and hide what they have left. We saw many farmers fields that we knew well not be given the level of care we saw growing up.

  Later on, I had a meeting with a Christian businessman that I know and deliberately keep in contact with. He drove me around and opened my eyes to life nowadays in Bellingham. In the area where my wife’s grandfather once worked with the homeless before he retired, I saw somewhere around a hundred people in various places, all homeless. He pointed to them and said, “you see these people?”


  “They are all from Seattle, they ship their overflow to the outlying cities when they have too much homeless to care for.”

  That was the start of an education process. Basically, the states liberal processes are not working, it sounds like their house of cards is collapsing from within and they don’t care. I attempted to ask a question of him while standing in a local cafe. Knowing what I was most likely going to ask he stopped me by saying, “not here, we will talk in the privacy of my car.”

  These are just the tip of the iceberg of things that some believers are now living under. A whacked out politically correct culture set for implosion, hell-bent on destroying the culture it has invaded. Designed to leave a legacy of homeless, broken people on the sea of depression and darkness.

  Traveling up sunset to the Mount Baker highway, I was reminded of a prophetic dream I had in the early 1980’s that is now coming true before my eyes. The road in the dream had been upgraded as it is now. Four lanes with a center turn lane almost all the way to the old wrecking yard. The sides had been built up with apartments, malls, and business of all kinds. Now keep in mind in the 80’s when I had this dream, none of what I see now existed.

  In the dream at one point, I was in a panic and I had to travel the road to get to a friend that was pregnant but had no care. I visited the hospital to get some information to help her. The pamphlet was filled with disgusting information (I will not repeat what was on it). To bring it to her was a dangerous trip and in the end, I was arrested for contraband that I had hidden (A Bible)

  Much of the dream (roads, buildings and such) have now come to pass. And from what I am seeing and have heard, I would say the attitude I experienced in the dream is not far away from reality as well.

  How did this come to pass

  A lot of people are going to blame political leaders, and yes they had a role to play. But none of them had as much of a roll in as did the church. Because it was not so much what they did, but what they failed to do. They chased the prophets out.

  I watched over the years, spoke with many and even experienced some of it myself. The coldness of the church toward prophetic people who did not fit the accepted mold. As long as you prophesied the coming Glory and said nothing that they would perceive as negative, you were “in” in the charismatic places of worship. But if you saw things from an angle or view that the so-called prophetic leaders of the region did not see. Then you would face an onslaught of people in your face “declaring” that you should not declare some so negative in the air.

  It soon became pointless to try and correct these leaders as the Lord pointed out to me, Ecclesiastes 1:15 “What is crooked cannot be straightened; what is lacking cannot be counted.” Another word, there teaching worked like yeast and now the whole loaf of the church was infected.

  They chased the prophets out for a number of reasons.

  1. Immaturity on the part of a leader who was more concerned with protecting his paycheck.
  2. Failed to recognize the bad immature wording of the prophet who really needed love and mentoring and not a swift kick on the way out the door.
  3. Narrow view of the Father and His Grace.
  4. Narrow view of what Biblical Judgement is.
  5. Fear of Man (what will my congregation say if I…)

  Whatcom County if you really do have prophetic people who see clearly, then let me ask you this, consider these questions I give you.

  1. Who of you foretold these days of Evil?
  2. When did you see the day of Gay marriage becoming the norm?
  3. The closing of GP or the upcoming closers of the petroleum industry, Intalco or the drive to destroy the farmers.
  4. The open selling of Pot and other drugs?
  5. The advance of Witchcraft and it’s acceptance?
  6. Or the carrying away of your youth groups to homosexuality?

  And who rallied the forces of God in Faith to stop this flood of Evil years before it came to you? Did you even know that the last big floods of the Nooksack river would be a prophetic sign that was being connected to Isaiah 59???

  You see, in my old dream. The woman was PREGNANT, there is a new birth coming during these days of Evil. God is bringing something new and wonderful, but you are going to lose that opportunity if you do not act. What does the word say about this flood, “So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west and His glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.”

  It’s a military call to arms and regardless if you like what I have said at this point or not, YOU ARE THE STANDARD HE IS LIFTING UP. So bring the body together and remind your self of basic Christianity 101. You know it if you think about it. Repent, forgive and bless each other. And then move out in faith after the leaders give direction.

  What will happen? Good question, I don’t know but we both know the one who does. What have you got to loose church?

Click here for part 2

3 thoughts on “Whatcom Co. Prophetic

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