longingLonging is defined as;
“A strong, persistent desire or craving, especially for something unattainable or distant:”

That would be the best way to describe it. It has slipped into my soul, the very fabric of my mind. It captivates my thinking and drops by and visits me from time to time just to remind be of it’s demanding presence. What is it?

It’s Home, the west.

Five years ago many things, too numerous to name shifted around us and it became obvious that we need to sell our farm and head east. The east represented many things, including a chance for a reliable paycheck. The policies of Obama were laying waste to many places of employment around us. And we had already learned that South Carolina’s republican government had taken steps to make the state very employer friendly.

So in many ways, the south has been a blessing. We have learned a lot, been challenged in many things. And truthfully, we would do it again in a heartbeat because of all we have gained, but…

It’s not home, The people are good, some are even great and I think we shall most likely continue some of these friendships for the rest of our lives. But it’s not home.

The great mountains, rivers and large expanses of open wilderness have been replaced by high-density populations of people. The cleaner winds of the forests and canyon lands have been replaced by hot-moisture dense air so packed with smells that everyone has become nose blind to it.

Like some old Indian of the past who remembers what the world was before the coming of the white man. My wife and I are Longing for as Bilbo Baggins would put it, “One more adventure.”

So hopefully this year, at some point we are able to put one foot in front of the other and start out journey west once more.

Until then I keep writing my science fiction story, As many of you know book one is done and book two should be out for sale sometime in the next four weeks. (side note; if you want you to be on the mailing list. Email me at West1849@Yandex.com with the words “mailing list”)

I also find myself filling up my Pinterest board with wood shop, farming, food idea ideas. Not to mention pictures of places far-away simply because my mind is no longer here.


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