Psalm 11:3 “When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

Has any else noticed what going on?

In Captian America, Winter Soldier. He stands up against a hidden government (Hydra) within the government. Basically, he does the right thing even though it is not viewed well by the statist quo.

Then in Civil War. The well-intentioned Captain-America-Civil-War-2-Trailer-I-Could-Do-This-All-Daygovernment tries to put everyone on a list. Cap, who was born in 1920 I’m sure is seeing shades of Nazi Germany all over again in his mind, decided not to participate. This puts him on a collision course with members of his old team who support the new government program.

They fight and in the end he go’s underground with his team to a foreign country with a promise he will return if they are ever needed.

In the comic book world, Cap is ALL male, very masculine. Displaying the best traits of a generation long past. A symbol that calls like a goal to every young teenager as to what Manhood should be.

The message he portrays is not a popular message that many groups apparently in the fiber of their very soul hate. In this last week, various groups are trying to put pressure on the movie industry to turn Captain America into a gay superhero who comes out of the closet.

Today I see there is now a push to make him, Steve Rogers as the world’s greatest Hydra Agent.

This is foolishness. The powers that be in the United States is trying to destroy our country at every corner. From the military to every good civilian in their own home.

Somebody once said, “Evil preaches tolerance until good is subdued. Then it moves in swiftly to kill the Good.”

Think about it.



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