The Homesteading Network

The Homesteading Network, coming soon.

KHomesteadingGardenathy and I follow several Christian Homesteaders on Youtube and have done so for some time. A network around the country has been growing ever so slowly. It has now grown to the point that they are taking the next step in this growing society. Very shortly, as all the parts are getting worked out, they are going to launch, “The Homesteading Network.” It is happening on Sundays, with live feed on Youtube. Several channels will start banning together to provide quality viewing content. The hope is to cover all US time zones across America with quality content on a variety of issues.

They are talking about a “Soft start” this next Sundays (May 29th. 2016) at 7 PM eastern standard time, with Big Family Homestead. They provide humor, homesteading brain teasing questions, prayer time and “what if questions” to make you all think.

Brad from Big Family, has been running his channel for some time in this format. We, in our household, enjoy the active participation, FYI, there is about a 130 of us online.

Two other channels being added to this will be “Off Grid Nation and DirtPatchHeaven,” Off Grid Nation will be a political talk show that you can call in on.

I believe DirtPatchHeaven will be a question and answer show concerning small animals like chickens as well as spinning wool and general farm life.

Possible Future channels?
Lynda’s Pantry is talking about joining with canning, and food processing.

Right now the channel, like all thing we plant is small, but I think it will grow.



Big Family Homestead.


Off Grid Nation


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