Pinterest, a Homesteading resource.

LogoI once told a young man, that I use Pinterest for information research. His face made a funny look as he responded back at me.

“Pinterest, that for women,” he remarked back.

Within a few minutes of talking, I changed his mind as I pulled out my IPad and showed him some of the many things I use it for.

The fact is this social media is an under used resource for many people including Homesteaders like us.

Pinterest is an interactive social media, image search engine. Similar to a Google image search, but with far better controls. In writing my science fiction book, it has become invaluable. I have also used it for Health, Woodshop, Farm, and future hobby ideas.

For anyone on, or looking to join and you need ideas. Here is my site to get you started.


  If you’re into homesteading and you’re unsure about how to start using Pinterest to help you out. Then keep reading because this blog post is for you in ten easy pictures.

MainfeedNote; First of all, because the majority of people now days are using mobile devices. All my informational picture is done from the prospective of an Ipad. So please keep that in mind as you learn.

On a Ipad, this is your informational page. Please note your various options in RED.

Search area






Custom results



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