Star Trek Axanar


As a person who is a fan of Science Fiction and a Christian, my mind obviously ponders and considers things. If you are a regular reader of some of my earlier blogs, you will have most likely noticed that I sometimes look at things from a different angle. To give you an example, while writing my own Science Fiction stuff. I listen to an eclectic collection of civil war music, Christian rock and the Gaelic music of Moya Brennan.

I also watch and observer, culture and notice patterns. The 80’s and 90’s had a lot of subtle shifts. One of those shifts, is Hope itself.

I could pick several things to use an example. But due to recent events I think I will use the subject of Star Trek to illustrate my point.

First of all, I want you to know that todays ramblings will be short. One reason is because I really need to get back to writing and editing my own stuff.

Star Trek has had an enormous effect on the North American culture in many ways. As an example, many of the last astronauts that NASA has hired. Have listed Star Trek, as a strong motivational force in their lives at a young age, influencing their career path.

In fact, this is also true of many of today’s scientists to one degree or another as well.

This thinking has so invaded our mindset, that is now getting hard to go any electronics store and not find anything that was not first conceived on a Star Trek show. Or at least was influenced by it.

About a year or so ago, I took the time to really look into it and realized that nearly all the major technologies that was on the show. Have either been invented now, or scientist now least have a working theory to make it work. And yes, that also includes the transporter and warp drive.

So what happened?

A generally family friendly show, that started in 1966 offered the Hope of, what if? As a result, more than one generation was raised on those possibilities that came out of that show.

But something started happening around the end of the 1990’s to the early 2000’s. From time to time, darker story lines started to filter in. They worked like a sponge, soaking up some of the hope and leaving a slightly bitter taste to the viewer. With the end of Voyager in May 23, 2001 that left Star Trek Enterprise in charge. And the show was being treated as the red-headed step child no one wanted.

It wasn’t long after that, science fiction became very dark, hope was now becoming rare as viewers were being treated with low quality works that only offered bad writing, moral depravity and as much CGI action as they can fit in. Don’t hear me wrong, I love good computer graphics and explosions. But nowadays good writing and acting are being displaced with the inferior quality of CGI make up.

Quote: “The more make up a woman wears, the more she’s trying to hide. Make up can hide a lot of evil. – Phil Robertson”

The reality is that the Spirit of this Age is choking off any springs and wells of Hope in this world that it can. Don’t believe me? Just turn on the news and watch what’s happening in the world.

Star Trek is only one example of a large pallet of things that have been made to disappear before us.

I watched the Sci-fi channel for some time. They had several shows that I felt held promise. In time, they killed every one of them and replaced them with the filth of the world. Claiming low ratings, each one died on the vine or was killed so quickly even the actors’ heads spun.

I remember reading one story of show that the Sci-fi channel paid serious money for. Apparently it freaked them out, to find out the director had already filmed the first episode. They shut it down as fast as they could, never releasing the finished episode. Hmm, does it sound strange to you to spend good money on something you had no intention of ever showing?

Darkness does not like to have light shown on it.

I ran across a Canadian Show called Continuum, directed by a newcomer, Simon Barry. Continuum did not operate on the level of Hope that Star Trek was going for it. But what it did have, was it put a spotlight on the possible dangers of where our technology is taking us. With each season the spot light became more laser like, to the point it soon prophesied a new product coming out that Apple made. About six months before they released it.

Then suddenly someone in the corporate ladder pulled the plug in Canada. The fans and Simon Barry worked hard for almost a year to get it back on the air for the final few episodes.

The Spirit of this Age wants to keep you blind and without Hope.

So, what happen recently in the world, causing me to write this?

Just a few days ago CBS and Paramount slapped Star Trek Axanar with a cease-and-desist lawsuit.

Star Trek Axanar is an up and coming Crowdfunded fan film. What that means is, people have donated money to have a Star Trek movie made. And, the people doing the film have agreed not make any money off it. I won’t go into the details of it. Because other people on the internet are doing a great job of providing all that stuff.

(Look for Star Trek Axanar on YouTube)

Suffice it to say it’s frivolous lawsuit. By people who want to control how you think and spend your time. And, if for some crazy reason they pump enough money into this and win. Then every fan made film and play will become subject to being sued.

So, the Spirit of this Age wants to put you in the dark. Cut of hope and creativity, so that you can only eat the duck guano they provide you.

When Axanar was presented to the public, asking for donations to make the movie. It broke many crowdfunding records. Bringing in over one million dollars. That speaks directly to the fact that there is a need for quality stuff. Many trekkies do not care for the trek movies JJ. Abrams made. I, myself am one of them. The movie studio over seeing the next JJ. Abrams Trek movie from what I understand, rejected the last script saying it was “to Star trekkie????”

This is totally wrong. Maybe it’s time for a new crowdfunding campaign to start. Break all the records and have the fans buy the rights to Star Trek away from CBS. Star Trek was one of the few Science Fiction shows that engaged the minds of a generation and offered hope. Today, the PTB, seem to only be interested in giving the public bad writing, moral depravity and as much CGI action as they can fit in. If the fans could buy out Star Trek, and put it in the hands of Axanar productions & Star Trek continues. Then think of the statement this would send the industry. As well as lighting the fire of hope for a new generation.

Now if that sparks something within you. Consider this, “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things. Phil 4:8”

If you’re willing to consider standing with this issue. Then how about the many other issues out there in the world that need help? Defending Gun rights, Human trafficking, defending our food supply?

Think about it.



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