An Update from Earth & Sky.

Old Maps

Many years ago I ran a small website called, “Whatcom County Prophetic Page.” I did it mostly because I could see a pattern in the prophetic message about America and the Lords heart toward it.

The Prophetic Page kept an ongoing list of older prophetic words as a base foundation. Because at that time I was having a problem understanding the conflict between the two types of prophetic words I was seeing. One kind could only see the destruction that was coming. The other could only see the wondrous Glory.

Talking to the Lord about it, he responded back with. “You do not understand it, because you do not understand the foundation.” As a result, I then started collecting the oldest American prophetic words I could find.

I did, in time, let the web page go. I felt it had served its purpose. Got a lot of feedback. Helped a few people on line with some issues. But in view of the current events playing out almost daily in the news and around the corner. It seemed good to me to at least re-post some of them.

Now if you have been reading Earth and Sky for some time. You will no doubt notice I almost never stick to just one topic. SO if posts like what I just posted, “A Vision from the Past.” Is not your thing, don’t worry. I will just be re-posting these for a season.

Hopefully in 2016 you will see new articles on things like American archaeology, Spiritual History, Food prep and things like that.

Be Blessed.


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