By, Robert A. Foster

By, Robert A. Foster

Abdication and the Human Enhancement Revolution.

By Robert A. Foster

Is the act of walking away from one’s responsibilities that were put under their care. This is when a monarch, such as a King or Queen gives up or relinquished his or her office and power.

Sometimes an elderly person in authority will step aside so that a younger person like a prince may become King. But if that person is not ready or there is no replacement, chaos is often the result. Resulting in a power vacuum where everything now suffers.

Much of the earth now suffers because the rightful God-given authority over it has been abdicated. It has been replaced with systems that look good, but are just as dangerous to it as any poison.

Genesis – The Beginning.

To understand what has happened, we need to look at what was given.

In the first 31 verses of the Bible, we find that God spent his time creating everything that existed, including the Earth we live on. After looking it over, He declared all of it to be “Good.” Another way to say it, would be that it was “at its best or highest quality.”

Now many people would think that this would have been paradise. That man should not have been allowed into such a pristine environment. However, the Creator had other plans, by introducing Adam into the very paradise he created.

He did this for the very purpose of training him to take his proper place in creation. To accomplish this, he gave him authority over all creation and then brought the animals before him for the purpose of naming them.

Out of this, the very first things that Adam learned about God, is that He is creative in all things. The second is, that God trusted Adam by handling everything that he made over to him.  So that he may learn how to govern the earth.

Eden was a new environment, Adam could now tend the garden just as the Lord created him to do. Because the Lord now expected man to exercise his new-found creativity.

How did Adam tend the Garden?

He had two tools under his belt, one was a relationship. It is written that Adam walked with the Lord in the cool of the day. With relationship, Adam got to know God’s heart as they spoke about things. So it was not necessary for the Lord to give him some laundry list of garden chores. Adam could make his own choices based on what he understood about the Lords concern and desires for the earth.

The second thing Adam had working for him was creativity. It would allow him to consider unique solutions to problems based on the wisdom of knowing the Lords heart. In computer terms, the relationship was the perfect data and creativity was the application program.

For some people I am sure I just went over the top. With the idea that there might have been something in Eden that needed fixing.

The reality is, it is not God’s heart to waste resources.

So with that in mind, I ask this question, “why would He place a gardener in a garden if it did not need to be tended to?” The solution was simple, He created the garden and the gardener to need each other. 

Sin – an Environmental Hazard.

A lot of talk in the world right now about different environmental hazards like pesticides, chemicals, illegal waste dumping, super-funds cleanup, nuclear contamination and such. All of these are powerful destroyers of the earth, however, they are all built on an even more powerful foundation. The foundation of what happened in the Book of Genesis

In chapter three, when Adam and Eve fell, the very earth under their feet now became subject to sin as well. Decay began that day, plants began to rot, iron deposits on the ground began to rust. Time started walking through the garden, as everything now had an expiration date attached to it. And to make things worse, the Gardener that God had appointed could no longer see clearly to help create.

Before the fall, Man tended the garden now he “tilled” the garden. Before he managed it by helping it to achieve its highest purpose. Now, after the fall, man started tilling, ripping open the earth in an effort to control the gardening process.

The modern problems we all face today are built on that powerful foundation of the fall of man. This happens because we now see everything in creation through that powerful force of sin. Sin now rules and distorts the vision for our lives and clouds our mission on earth.

Creativity and Relationship get replaced with methods and formulas. The inner desire to have value in your life, transitions from a relationship with the one who made you, too “how can I do better.” And if you’re a farmer that will soon lead you down the road to artificial fertilizers and Monsanto genetically engineered seeds for higher crop yields. In the end, the vision of the Gardener is slowly becoming clouded with other images that temp our eyes.

As it is now, not only common to allow the manipulation the earth, but we stand at the doorway of an even greater problem. The genetic alteration of the human race.

Past experience has taught us that every time you alter some part of God’s DNA structure. The end result creates a barren product devoid of true value.  Is this what we want to turn our world, our people, our children into?

“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot. Matthew 5:13

Many areas of Christendom have looked down on, or outright ignored the Christian environmental movement. In some cases, like all new children they too have made their messes. And it is those “messes” that cause other parts of the church to walk away from them.

As a result, the baby Boomer generation who was often rejected in the churches during the Jesus Peoples’ days. Has repeated the errors of the past, bowing to the fear of man, ignoring this new child. Ultimately failing to come alongside this new movement to provide mentorship.

The true seeds of value, for things good, clean and pure have now been planted in the hearts of a few gardeners.  It is time to restore the basic spiritual foundation of the Gardener that existed in the garden. To learn to walk with the Lord and build relationship. Restoration of this can work as the “windshield wipers” of our eyes to see the world as He intended.

Clean your glasses

By cleaning off our glasses we look through, we start the process of restoring our vision. So we can avoid some of the same traps of the past.

One of the biggest traps of the future is found in Genesis 3:4-5 “You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman, “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

Todays trap is to make you think that you are lacking in something, just as Satan did with Eve. The world whispers “you are inferior in your current form. If you take what I have, it will make you complete.”

This lie plays out everyday in agriculture. Salesmen convince the farmer that by adding something un-natural to the field. He can manipulate the natural into producing better.

We now stand at the door of the same lie with mankind. They have set the stage for years, by teaching men and women to hate every part of themselves. It is a basic demonic contempt for humanity clothed in a sheepskin of many titles. Humanity plus, Trans-humanism, Human Cybernetics, Nano-tech, Synthetic biology, ect all carry the same lie. The lie of, “you are inferior in your current form, but with our help. We can help you live forever.”

These grim technologies will dwarf the industrial revolution. With the coming Human Enhancement Revolution. This may sound like the stuff of the future. But the future is literally now knocking at our door. The radical environmental movement needs to stand up, respond with the same fervor it has previously displayed in the earth.

Below is one of the many examples of what is coming. (Click on picture)

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 3.52.13 PM

To help protect mankind from itself. Consider this, when the Lord God created mankind to tend the earth. He created it as a co-relationship between man and the world. We were never designed to be the destroyers of the earth. We were designed to be the tenders of the beautiful painting, that was expressed from the very fingers and breath of a loving God.

Consider how much damage has been done to this world with just the introduction of sin. With that in mind, how much damage do you think will be unleashed with this coming dark storm? Could it look like the horrors we read of in the Book of Revelation?

As it is often quoted in Psalm 115, “The highest heavens belong to the LORD, but the earth he has given to mankind.” We need to consider that not only are we to care for the least of creation, but also the least of men. Because we are all apart of the same creation, we cannot allow the abuse of one part and ignore the other.

Everything that is on earth has been given as our responsibility to tend. Therefore rise up, let your voice be heard. Do you want a Monsanto like a corporation enticing the next generation with alterations of our children’s DNA before they are born. This may sound unreal, but I assure you the foundations for this has all ready been laid. It’s time to expose the dark demonic dance of those that hate creation and its caregiver.


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