A Update

Good morning all, as you may have noticed I have not posted anything in a while. This has not been because of a lack of words, but the reverse.

I have spent the last few months writing a science fiction book. It is currently over 150 plus pages, 49K words and from the looks of it. It will be a part of four book series.

This has been an adventure for me, because sometimes I do not know myself where the story line is going until I write it. So the book series will be called “WinGate”. And the working title of the first book will be called “Shadows”.Shadows

Shadows, is a time travel book that starts off in the present day, American southwest with the US Army. It soon develops alternate story lines in the year 2042 with an Alien attack on Madrid Spain.

At present this project is going through the first of several edits. Hopefully some time in the future, I will be able to offer the first chapter or two as a teaser for anyone who is interested.

As a teaser for now, I wanted to include a Military Report for the year 2043.




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