Community + Communion

A good word from Tom Hardiman.

Tom Hardiman

In the past few weeks, the Lord has been emphasizing to me the importance of community and communion.

I was reminded of a dream that Rick Joyner had where there was a deadly attack coming from the west.  Rick knew that he needed to “come inside” where there was community and protection.  As this dark cloud approached, he fumbled with his keys and was unable to open the door.  The interpretation of this dream was that there was comfort, community, and protection in the house of God.

I have become aware of some statistics that very much concern me.  In 2014, the Barna Report indicated that there were 18 million unchurched believers in the United States.  This number has grown in the last 10 years by 6.5 million people.  There are great benefits to being in the household of God.

In 1 Corinthians chapter 11, Paul talks about communion…

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